Management is fundamental to everything—whether managing teams, processes, or the organization. It's easy to be a manager. It’s very difficult to be a good manager. Complete two management modules to qualify for a minor in management, or four for a management major.

At a glance

  • Four modules available

  • Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced

  • Available as major or minor

Specialization snapshot

Key topics & skills

  • Management Functions: Planning, Organizing, Motivating & Controlling

  • Complex Problems & Situations: Principles & Techniques of Human Resource Management

  • Operations Management of People, Planet & Profit

  • Managerial Decision-Making: Organizational Behavior & Corporate Culture

  • Embedding Strategic Human Resource Management Throughout Your Organization

Professional skills gained

Change Management
Corporate Culture
Motivating & Rewarding Employees
Organizational Skills
People Management
Performance Management
Project Management
Quality Control Management
Strategic HR Management
Supply Chain Management

Why Management?

Management is not just about staff—it’s about the smooth running of systems, processes & operations, and yourself.

Management 1

Management 1

Explore all areas of management, from people to processes and systems to strategy.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Requirement: Core modules 1, 2, 3

Management 2

Organizational Behavior & Managing People

Managing people is not about telling them what to do—it’s supporting them to constantly improve.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Management 1

Management 3

Managing Operations, Structures & Systems

Every process and supply chain can be improved: the challenge is how to do it consistently.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Management 1

Management 4

Strategic Management in Different Environments

There is no fix-all management technique; everything depends on the situation.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Management 1

What our students say

I participated in several client challenges with the Hult Marketing and Consulting clubs. It helped me expand my network and improve the skills companies want.

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