Core Modules

Each core module is built around a challenge, which will test much more than just your newly acquired business knowledge. You’ll be assessed throughout the core modules on your application of the skills and mindsets that are essential to a successful career on a global scale.

Do your degree differently

Hult’s educational approach is built on the way we naturally learn and work in the real world. Rather than sitting in separate and disconnected courses, you get to apply the relevant theory from multiple disciplines like marketing, finance, and ethics to a single challenge in each core module.

Challenge-based approach

Each module is geared toward testing your business acumen with a challenge. Pitch your startup idea, participate in a hackathon or simulation, or consult for a real-life company.


To thrive on a transformational program, you’ll need a lot of support along the way. You’ll be assigned a personal career and development coach who will walk with you and offer personalized, expert advice and support throughout your time at Hult.

Mindsets and core skills

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and analyzed millions of job postings worldwide to understand the key mindsets and core skills that are essential for not only when you first graduate, but also for when you become the CEO. Workshops and tutorials on these mindsets and core skills are taught throughout the core modules and you are continually assessed on your development of them as you apply them to your challenges.

Hult x Bühler Group: Business Challenge

How do we encourage more women into STEM? Measure our social impact? Keep our company culture alive globally? These are the kind of issues you’ll face in global business. And they’re the questions global food tech giant Bühler Group asked Hult undergraduate students to answer for their Hult Business Challenge module. Take a trip with our finalist teams to Bühler’s London HQ and see Hult's challenge learning in action. 


Core modules

Startup Challenge

Create a startup with a completely new product or service that fills a gap in the market

  • Challenge: Pitch Project

Social Impact Challenge

Build positive outcomes for all with a social enterprise

  • Challenge: Pitch Project

Future Proofing Challenge

Work for robots—or embrace technology and have the robots work for you

  • Challenge: Hackathon

Complex Decisions Challenge

The truth is in the detail—learn how to find it

  • Challenge: Business Consultation

Power & Policy Challenge

Get to grips with the global political climate and how it drives every aspect of international trade

  • Challenge: Project

Culture & Media Challenge

Understand the power to bring people together from all corners of society

  • Challenge: Business Consultation

Global & Local Challenge

Understanding the context and connections of your global environment

  • Challenge: Project

Hult Business Challenge

Your final live business challenge

  • Challenge: Business Consultation

What our students say

My capstone thesis was with a real company. They were really impressed with my contribution, which proved to me that Hult had me on track.

Youssef Youssef


Class of 2015 

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