Early Action

Our earliest applicants are always our most committed. When you show you’re committed to coming to Hult, we show our commitment to your education. Earn your bachelor's and master's degrees for just the cost of your bachelor's through our Early Action program.

Applying for Early Action

As the name suggests, applying Early Action means you are not only among the first to apply, but also the first to be notified of your application outcome. The deadlines to apply Early Action at Hult are November 1 or December 15.

Early Action students will be notified of their acceptance by the end of 2024* and will have until February 15 to commit to Hult by confirming their enrollment.

If you consider Hult to be among your top choices for undergraduate studies and feel confident in making your enrollment decision by February 15 if accepted, Early Action is a perfect choice!

*Assuming that students submit a complete application by December 15.

Early Action deadlines

Early Action 1

Application deadline

November 1, 2024

Confirmation deadline

February 15, 2025

Early Action 2

Application deadline

December 15, 2024

Confirmation deadline

February 15, 2025

You’ll have two opportunities to apply for Early Action consideration: by November 1 for Early Action 1 or by December 15 for Early Action 2.

Early Action 2 allows students who realize that Hult is their first choice later in the application process to still show their commitment to us.

Why apply for Early Action at Hult?

Earn your master's degree at no extra cost

You'll be eligible to complete a Hult master's degree at no additional tuition cost. This is a great opportunity to take your studies to the next level, safe in the knowledge that you won't be incurring any additional expenses to get there.

Priority admissions

When you apply as an Early Action candidate, you’ll be demonstrating you're commitment to Hult and will know the outcome of your application in good time. Applying early also means you'll be competing against relatively fewer applicants in the admissions pool.

Peace of mind

If you're accepted as an Early Action candidate, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your last few months of high school. You’ll also be among the first of our incoming students to connect with their personal development coach to be prepared to take advantage of all Hult has to offer from Day 1.

Earn your master's degree at no additional tuition cost

Taking advantage of our Early Action programs, means that you have your choice of master's degrees to make you among the most competitive students in the workplace. Students who partake of the Early Action program, can choose from:

Master's Degree

Business Analytics

Gain the analytical capability and business acumen to translate data into meaningful actions

Home campus options: Boston, San Francisco


Master's Degree

International Marketing

Gain the creative, strategic, and executional marketing skills to launch an international marketing career

Home campus options: Boston, London


Master's Degree


Learn to tackle corporate finance in the real world as you build the tactical leadership and financial skills needed to make an impact

Home campus options: Boston, London


Masters Degree

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Gain the skills needed for value creation and learn to devise and deliver new products and services.

Home campus options: San Francisco, London
1 year OPT (US)**

To ensure you’re still eligible to receive this offer, make sure to confirm your seat by February 15, 2025

*Additional terms & conditions apply. Other fees apply. Please note master's offerings are subject to change at the time of enrollment. Please speak to your enrollment advisor or visit hult.edu/legal for full terms.

**All programs offer 2 years Graduate Immigration Route (UK) on graduating

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