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Curious to know more about life at Hult? Who better to answer your questions on everything—from our campuses and student accommodation to our hands-on curriculum and clubs at Hult—than our very own students?

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Nationality: Brazilian 🇧🇷

Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

Clubs & Societies: President of Hult Football Club, Head of Sports for Hult Student Association, Brazilian Student Association, and Hult Undergraduate Investment Group

Campus: Boston

Major: Undecided


Nationality: American 🇺🇸

Languages: English, Chinese, and Haitian Creole

Clubs & Societies: Hult Student Association

Campus: Boston

Major: Marketing


Nationality: Spanish 🇪🇸

Languages: Spanish and English

Clubs & Societies: HM Consulting and President of the Basketball Club

Campus: London

Major: Finance


Nationality: Dominican 🇩🇴

Languages: Spanish, English, and French

Clubs & Societies: Women in Business Club, Health and Wellbeing Club, Boxing Club, Yoga and Mindfulness Club, and Hult in Action

Campus: Boston

Major: Interested in Entrepreneurship


Nationality: Norwegian 🇳🇴

Languages: Norwegian and English

Clubs & Societies: Hult Workshop Club and TedxHultLondon

Campus: London

Major: Management


Nationality: Indonesian 🇮🇩

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia (Melayu) and English

Clubs & Societies: InFocus Group (photography/videography) and Hult Undergraduate Investment Group

Campus: Boston

Major: Finance


Nationality: American and Guatemalan 🇺🇸 🇬🇹

Languages: English and Spanish

Clubs & Societies: Women in Business Club and Health and Wellness Club

Campus: Boston

Major: Undecided