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Upcoming Campus Events

Hult Boston

Hult Boston

Sept 30: Hult goes Hiking
Oct 1: Hult Vs Harvard Soccer Game
Oct 12: Clubs Fair
Oct 18: Work Fair 2023
Hult London

Hult London

Sept 29: MUN Selection Date
Sept 30: HFL Bootcamp
Oct 4: Welcome Back Mixer
Oct 18: Work Fair 2023

On campus

Sports, professional, and social clubs

Sustainability Society

The Sustainability Society welcomes everyone to join in and be part of making our environment a better place to be.

You can start making the campus or your home a greener and more environmentally friendly place now.

Why join?
Whether it’s to meet like-minded people
through organized coffee chats or because
you actually want to make impact our sustainability society welcomes everyone!

Model United Nations Society

People who love learning about
international relations, diplomacy, and
the United Nations.

HultMUN is a fast-paced and
supportive society.

It’s great for public speaking, debating,
problem-solving, negotiation, and
critical thinking.

Hult Basketball Club

People that share a strong passion and love for basketball. We’re always looking for ways to develop our skills and improve as a team.

The Basketball Club embodies a fun, friendly, and competitive spirit. The community we built is supportive and positive.

It’s good for boosting your fitness, teamwork, leadership, strategic thinking, and communication.

What are our students working on?

For September intake students

Module 1: Startup Challenge

Part of the BBA core program, this module will get you thinking like an entrepreneur, building a great team and product from scratch, and pitching your startup idea for funding.

Latest reads

Be Kind, Rewind—Staff and Students Chat to Their 20-Year Old Selves

To celebrate Hult turning 20, we’re rolling back the years to some of our students and staff’s 20th birthdays, and asking: What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to your 20-year-old self?

Hult Alum António A. Amante Makes Forbes 30 Under 30

From having a natural ability for spotting gems to making Forbes 30 Under 30 and becoming a leading authority on signed, antique, and vintage jewelry in Portugal—Meet Hult alum António A. Amante from our BBA Class of 2015.

Hult Wins Innovation in Higher Education Award for Redesigned BBA

Hult International Business School is proud to receive this year’s MERIT Award for Innovation in Higher Education for the redesign of our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program.

We Are the Hult Creative Club

Hi! We’re the Creative Club from Hult London Undergraduate, and we’ve created a space for students and staff to freely express their creativity. At Hult, our community is made up not only of business-oriented individuals but also creative ones.

Poets & Quants Ranks Hult #32 for Best Undergraduate Business School

Our excellent performance gives us an overall ranking position of #32. And on top of that—we ranked #14 for Academic Experience.

Hult’s Renewed Research Strategy is Designed to Maximize Impact

Our school’s purpose places positive societal impact at the forefront of what we aim to achieve. Research is a major driver in creating such meaningful impact.

Thanks Coach! How Personal Development Is Done at Hult

At Hult, each undergraduate student has a personal career and development coach and has 1-2-1 support. This starts before they set foot on campus, to give them the best start possible.


YouTube Mallika

My Experience, Class of 2022

Mallika Boobna shares her undergraduate experience on the London campus.

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