Business Analytics Major or Minor

Find the truth behind the statistics with business analytics. Understand statistical methods and techniques for quantitative reasoning, relationship plotting, correlations, and causations. And learn how to explain all this in a way that is understandable to others. Complete two business analytics modules to qualify for a minor in business analytics, or four for a business analytics major.

At a glance

  • Four modules available

  • Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Available as major or minor

  • Qualifies as a STEM degree, which can potentially provide two additional years of work authorization in the US

Specialization snapshot

Key Topics & Skills

  • Collecting, Building & Sorting Data

  • Machine Learning Techniques

  • Data Modeling & Interpreting Data

  • Relational Database Management Systems

  • Visualization of Data to Influence Decisions

Professional Skills Gained

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Categorical and Quantitative Data
Data Management
Data Visualisation
Database Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Spreadsheet Modelling

Why Business Analytics?

Business analytics enables you to unearth insights, spot trends and hidden opportunities, and tell a story that can influence strategy in any industry.

Business Analytics 1

Business Analytics 1

Use spreadsheet modeling to apply practically quantitative concepts in key business areas.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Requirement: Core modules 1, 2, 3 plus a simple math test to ensure suitability

Business Analytics 2

Data Science & Analytics

Dive into big data, data collection, cleaning & organizing, and security & governance.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Business Analytics 1

Business Analytics 3

Business Analytics & Insights

Apply the tools and methodologies needed for ethically sound insights.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Business Analytics 1

Business Analytics 4

Quantitative-Based Decision-Making

Make better business decisions using reporting and visualization to identify trends.

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Requirement: Business Analytics 1

What our students say

We learn by doing—both in and out of the classroom. All the business events, workshops, and clubs are all an extension of the teaching. 

Christina Connell


Class of 2020

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