Startup Challenge

Every business starts somewhere. First, you need to understand how to find a gap in the market, build a high-performance team, create a product or service that meets that gap, and how to pitch for funding. Part of the BBA core program, this module will get you thinking like an entrepreneur, building a great team and product from scratch, and pitching your startup idea for funding.

At a glance

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Challenge: Pitch

  • Required for all students

At a glance

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Challenge: Pitch

  • Required for all students

Module snapshot

What you'll learn

  • Research Methods

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy & the Business Model Canvas

  • Costing and Pricing

  • Supply Chains, Sustainability & Ethical Decision-Making

  • Marketing: Positioning, Branding & Sales

The Challenge

Pitch your startup

Venture capital and angel investors are less interested in products and more interested in successful teams that can iterate and work together to develop their idea. Your pitch will answer the question “what problem does my proposed product or service solve?" Build your startup, build a successful team, identify market needs, perform competitor analysis, understand the global context, and understand yourself. You’ll be challenged to explore your own strengths and weaknesses from the start, identifying areas where you can show leadership and what you'll need to focus on improving.

Mindsets and Core Skills

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and analyzed millions of job postings worldwide to understand the key mindsets and core skills that are essential—not only for when you first graduate, but also for the rest of your career, right up to when you become CEO. We’ve integrated the assessment of these skills—like collaboration, communication, and creativity—into our core modules. You’ll be continually assessed on your performance to ensure you build up these attributes to the best of your ability alongside your problem-solving and leadership skills.

What our students say

I never thought business was the career path for me until I found social entrepreneurship. With business, I can stay agile in a constantly changing landscape. 

Vera Ortega


Class of 2021

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