Global & Local Challenge

International business affects much more than just business. The world is more interconnected than ever. What we do in our own community affects people across the globe, and the way we connect socially affects millions we have never even met, including future generations. You’ll assess the viability of trading with a new territory.

At a glance

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Challenge: Project

  • Required for all students except Global Standard Track students and some university transfer students

Module snapshot

What you'll learn

  • The Development of International Trade, the Slave Trade & Abolition

  • Religion, Nationalism, Minority Rights, and Global & Local Culture

  • The Globalization of Business & the Multinational Corporation

  • Competition between Global and Local Politics, Business & Resources

  • Foreign Market Entry Strategies & Managing Global Supply Chains

The Challenge


Explore the socioeconomic and cultural background of a country or region and establish the viability of opening new international markets, which ethically and sustainably meet the needs of that target market.

Mindsets and Core Skills

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and analyzed millions of job postings worldwide to understand the key mindsets and core skills that are essential—not only for when you first graduate, but also for the rest of your career, right up to when you become CEO. We’ve integrated the assessment of these skills—like collaboration, communication, and creativity—into our core modules. You’ll be continually assessed on your performance to ensure you build up these attributes to the best of your ability alongside your problem-solving and leadership skills.

Hult prepares us for a very international business world that’s always changing. We’re ready for a global business environment because that’s how we study.

Elisa Orus Plana


Class of 2021

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