Culture & Media Challenge

Culture, media, and sport earn trillions of dollars every year focusing on people's free time. As you uncover the richness of this sector, you’ll come to see how truly essential it is, both economically and socially, and how to make it better. For your challenge, you’ll consult for a local cultural organization.

At a glance

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Challenge: Business Consultation

  • Required for all students except Global Standard Track students and some university transfer students.

Module snapshot

What you'll learn

  • The Influence of Business on the Arts: From Patrons to Multinationals

  • Exploring Global Culture & Its Creation Driven by Business

  • The Economics of Medium & the Impact of Formats

  • Thinking Like a Critic: Subjective Analysis of All Forms of Art

  • Creativity & Its Influence on Business & Society

The Challenge

Business consultation

Working with a local cultural organization, you'll provide a consulting analysis showing where its strengths lie and where it needs to change if it is to survive, while retaining the core art that it focuses on.

Mindsets and Core Skills

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and analyzed millions of job postings worldwide to understand the key mindsets and core skills that are essential—not only for when you first graduate, but also for the rest of your career, right up to when you become CEO. We’ve integrated the assessment of these skills—like collaboration, communication, and creativity—into our core modules. You’ll be continually assessed on your performance to ensure you build up these attributes to the best of your ability alongside your problem-solving and leadership skills.

What our students say

Everything changed for me at Hult. We’re encouraged to dream big and step out of our comfort zones. I’ve become the best version of myself.  

Hajar Bouazzaoui


Class of 2022

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