Get yourself up to speed with the latest sales and marketing techniques and innovations, then finalize your financing options before drawing it all together to create an investment pitch.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #3: Influence & Change Management

Collaboration & Communication #3 focuses on leveraging knowledge for organizational impact. You’ll pay particular attention to learning and applying skills relating to influence and negotiation.

Key topics & skills

  • Influencing the Organization

  • Leadership

  • Change Management

Core Course

Digital Marketing

Explore the full range of digital marketing platforms and activities with best practices and innovation opportunities in mind. Consider the digital customer journey, online marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, and linkages between online and offline marketing channels as well as how the growth of technology will lead to new opportunities and challenges.

Key topics & skills

  • User-Generated Content & Co-Creation

  • SEO, SEM, Advertising Metrics & Online Audience Measurement

  • New Media Channels & Audiences

Core Course

Technology for Entrepreneurs

This hands-on course gives you an understanding of the key technology components of an e-commerce website. You’ll create a working e-commerce website and familiarize yourself with web development tools, content management, audience engagement, and shopping baskets.

Key topics & skills

  • Website tools—Wix, WordPress

  • Shopping Carts—Square, WooCommerce, Magento

  • SEO & Keywords (Google AdWords)

Core Course

Entrepreneurial Finance

How do you finance a high-growth business? From self-funding to friends and family, to angel investors, to venture capital, and investment bankers, this course gives you the full gamut of entrepreneurial financing options, known as the “Stairway to Heaven”.

Key topics & skills

  • Investment Term Sheets—Legal & Financial Aspects

  • Managing the Dilution of Ownership/ Valuation of Early Stage and/or Zero Revenue Companies

  • Distribution of Proceeds upon a Sale Event

Capstone Challenge

Capstone Challenge: New Venture Investment Pitch

Pull all the pieces together into a new venture investment pitch to a panel of investors. Create and deliver a persuasive presentation using the Perfect Pitch techniques, conveying the product concept, market opportunity and product milestones, and founding team that led to a worthy investment.

Key topics & skills

  • Persuasive Investment Presentations

  • Business Planning

  • Financial Projections & Investment Materials

Courses and challenges subject to change

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