As an entrepreneur, you’ll often find you’re the CFO, CTO & CEO in one. Apply the business fundamentals while you nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

Courses in this module

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Core Course

Business Bootcamp

You'll need broad business knowledge to be a well-rounded professional. Then, you can evaluate market opportunities, design operations, and build profitable business models—all in collaboration with peers from across your company and beyond. Get a broad view of functions across a company before applying your learning in an immersive, intense, and challenging multi-stage business simulation.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Functions & Concepts

  • Collaborating in High Performance Teams

  • Strategy Simulation

Core Course

Business Insights from Data

Many business problems can be solved with data. Learn how statistics and data analysis tools can lead to better business decisions and predict industry and market trends—enabling you to stay a step ahead.

Key topics & skills

  • Business Metrics for Data Analysis

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analyses

  • Data Sampling, Testing & Analysis

  • Research Methods

Core Course

Collaboration & Communication #1

Effective communication and collaboration skills can make or break a successful career. Gain a clear understanding of the most in-demand interpersonal competencies and skills in business today. Then, continually apply these skills in exercises and role plays, and graduate with the soft skills needed to succeed in the global workplace.

Key topics & skills

  • Managing Yourself

  • Communicating with Individuals & Groups

  • Presentation Skills

  • Drivers of Effective Team Collaboration

Core Course

Design Thinking & Customer Discovery

An exciting new idea is just the beginning—then the real work begins. Who wants or needs the product? What are its most important features? This course provides a roadmap to explore the commercial potential for a product or service through creativity of product design and customer feedback.

Key topics & skills

  • Value Propositions—Unique, Valuable & Sustainably differentiated from the Competition

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Applying Customer Discovery Techniques to Identify Unmet Needs & Customer Personas

  • Applying Customer Validation to Research Demand & Pricing

Core Course

Future & Emerging Tech

Are entrepreneurs really born and not made? Do breakthrough ideas just suddenly occur to an entrepreneur? Learn techniques to see innovations and trends that lead to "foresight". Then, capitalize on these insights to formulate new products and services that meet identified customer needs, before testing and iterating to confirm viability and potential.

Key topics & skills

  • The Long Arc of the Entrepreneur—Essential Characteristics & Perspectives of Entrepreneurs & Founding Teams

  • Applying Futures Thinking—Identifying Potential Innovations & Drivers of Change

  • Foresight Tools & Design Thinking Models

  • Applying Design Thinking—Identifying Unmet Needs & Developing New Products & Services

Business Challenge

Business Challenge #1: New Product Pitch

You and your team will apply your futures thinking and design thinking in this new product design challenge. You'll be provided with some new technologies as the basis for creating a new product or service to meet an unmet customer need, before presenting your new product pitch to an executive team.

Key topics & skills

  • Futures Thinking to Identify Technologies & Trends

  • Design Thinking to Explore Customer Needs & Potential Solutions

  • Prototyping & Feedback to Develop Minimum Viable Products

  • Articulating Value Propositions

Courses and challenges subject to change

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