Real-World Executive MBA Experience


Put theory into practice and gain hands-on experience working in diverse teams for live client challenges. Throughout your part-time Executive MBA program you’ll compete to solve real-world business problems as creatively as possible, perfect your pitching skills, and discover your true potential.


Practical challenge-based learning

At Hult, we believe you learn best by doing. Throughout your Executive MBA, whether you’re creating your own business or social enterprise or consulting for existing companies, it’s an inspiring environment that will take your skills and confidence to a new level.

The final course in the core program of your Executive MBA will be the Capstone Experience. Your cross-cultural teamwork and leadership abilities will be honed by working in diverse teams with people from all over the world and from different professional backgrounds. Beyond the core curriculum, you are encouraged to participate in optional competitive challenges that take place both on and off campus across the year. You’ll learn to pitch with impact, tell a meaningful story, and develop complex solutions to pressing business questions.

How can a world-leading automotive manufacturer increase its market share in the electric vehicle sector?

Working to the client brief and pitching to execs, students at Hult London were tasked with solving the problem of how a prestigious, long-established automotive brand could increase its market share in electric vehicles—a sector that is being disrupted by many new challenger brands.

Create a new entrepreneurial venture for a for-profit business.

Students at Hult Dubai were challenged to set their own problem to solve as creatively as possible through a new business idea. Their business plan had to be highly competitive, as they were pitching for investment to a panel of judges that included the CEO of, one of the most data-driven startups in the UAE.

Create a disruptive business model leveraging digital technologies.

Students at Hult Boston were asked to research and propose a sustainable, disruptive business model for a world-leading industrial manufacturer, leveraging new digital technologies to increase market share.

Learn by doing

Angela Slavens graduated from her Hult EMBA in 2018 and is now managing director at UniverSUL Consulting. We asked her to tell us more about her practical EMBA experience.

What is the classroom environment like at Hult?

It’s the professors that make Hult so special. They are able to magically transform the classroom into a real-world business environment, which greatly accelerates learning.

Can you apply the learning to your current role?

I’d walk away from every class with new tools and skills that could be immediately applied to my everyday life. I don’t know that I would get the same kind of immediately tangible results at a more traditional institution.

What was most useful about the challenge learning approach?

I’m a chemical engineer with no formal business training, but I’d accumulated 20 years of on-the-job business experience. I came away from nearly every course with a new idea, business model concept, or innovation opportunity for my industry.


Angela Slavens

Managing Director

UniverSUL Consulting

Hult EMBA Class of 2018



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