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Where will an Executive MBA from Hult take you?

Hult graduates are in demand with leading employers, achieving great things with their entrepreneurial spirit and reputation as globally minded innovators. Welcoming, passionate, and determined, our alumni are not only your future network—they can be your inspiration.

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Meet Sara

After many years in industry, Sara wanted to solidify her business knowledge as well as gain the skillset to pursue more challenging positions.

How did your EMBA play into your job?

I focused several of my assignments around digitization, the IT industry, and Oracle, thereby directly benefiting my employer and contributing to my career progress. I moved country with my job while still at Hult, and it went very smoothly because the program is so flexible. A year after graduation I was promoted to my director of strategy role. Hult played a part in this by giving me all the tools to be the best I can be.

Any advice for someone considering an EMBA?

Make a plan but be open-minded. Make use of the amazing network of expert professors and people around you. It’s a rare occasion to be surrounded by people with the same goal.

Sara Eklund EMBA student

**Sara Eklund **

Finnish, Director CX Strategy B2C EMEA, Oracle, Class of 2017

Meet Jacob

Having worked in different roles within the US Air Force for the better part of his career life, Jacob made a substantial leap into the business world through Hult.

How did you transition from the US Air Force to Amazon?

My only career had been the Air Force. I made a triple jump in moving career fields, changing roles, and moving locations. I connected with a Hult grad who wanted to learn more about the Air Force and leveraged my network to get a referral to Amazon. I also have a group chat at Amazon full of Hult grads.

How have you developed as a leader?

Transitioning from military to civilian life was a challenge, but through it I felt my ability to lead increase tenfold. Hult helped me interact with several leaders across the business world and learn about their perspectives.

Jacob Devlin EMBA student

**Jacob Devlin **

American, Pathways Operation Manager, Amazon, Class of 2020

Meet Mohamad

What drew you to Hult?

I’d built an international confectionery company with over 1,000 employees and also had a family to consider. I needed the flexibility that the Hult EMBA offers. Going from being your own boss to sitting at a desk as a student and being challenged by professors and classmates was the best thing I could have experienced.

What were some key takeaways for you?

My Hult experience enabled me to grow the company and open in more countries. Specifically, the finance classes helped me go back to basics and look more closely at our financials. And the focus on CSR opened my mind and helped me understand how to better serve the community.

How did it change you as a person?

It enriched my mindset: I’m more diverse, a better listener, and I analyze everything from scratch now. It helped me to get a better understanding of my business and my employees.

Mohamad Khachab EMBA student

**Mohamad Khachab **

Lebanese, CEO, BMB Group, Class of 2017

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