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Hult's global alumni community is a network of over 25,000 alumni, active in more than 170 countries around the world.

Where will an MBA from Hult take you?

Where will an MBA from Hult take you?

Hult graduates are in demand with leading employers, achieving great things with their entrepreneurial spirit and reputation as globally minded innovators. Welcoming, passionate, and determined, our alumni are not only your future network—they can be your inspiration.

of Hult MBA graduates are working in management, upper management, or C-level positions one year after graduation; this goes up to 55% three years after graduation
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Meet Eva

Fulbright Scholar and Female Role Model of the Year award winner, Eva Rez, wanted to hone her leadership and cross-cultural collaboration skills and immerse herself into the London VC scene. After graduation, she stayed in London and found her dream job managing startup investment at Sky.

What’s the key to success in your field?

After ten years in the business, I came to the realization that managing diverse teams, being able to communicate effectively across cultures and backgrounds, is crucial—especially in an international VC environment.

What was a key learning from your MBA?

Learning to manage difficult situations with openness and communication was a very important step in my development. The professors were great and offered new unexplored angles to subjects that I thought I already knew.

Eva Rez, Hungarian, Senior Investment Manager (Venture Capital), Sky, MBA Class of 2018

Meet Colin

Trader turned serial entrepreneur Colin Pile’s latest venture is ethical, organic coffee company CRU Kafe. Distributed to over 20 countries worldwide, CRU has just become the coffee onboard all short-haul British Airways flights.

Why an MBA?
I wanted to take myself out of the professional world for a year to figure out what I wanted to do for my next adventure. Hult’s global network really appealed to me. At Hult, you’re not a number but an individual with your own personal story and journey. You’ll build valuable relationships and skills for today’s global world.

What skills from Hult are you still using today?

Definitely the social skills needed to work within a multicultural world. I manage people from many different backgrounds and Hult really helped me understand how to not only make a very diversified team work but to truly excel. And the network is still amazing, even all these years later.

Follow Colin’s coffee journey through Colombia on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube channel: go to and search “colombian coffee cru”

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**Colin Pyle, Canadian **

Chairman & Founder, CRU Kafe, MBA Class of 2012

Meet Tonika

Why did you choose an MBA?

I needed to acquire business fundamentals like organizational theory and economics. I also wanted to develop my leadership potential beyond mid-level seniority. I was reluctant to do an MBA as I associated it with cutthroat capitalism. Hult’s social conscience resonated with me.

How did Hult’s environment influence you?

Living and studying with people from all over the globe made a huge difference in the lives of all of us. We learned to see cross-culturally rather than just through an East/West lens. Now I’m part of a global community with friendships all over India, China, and Europe. I couldn’t have asked for a better training—even though I had no idea that I would go on to become my country’s Ambassador.

What was the number one takeaway for you?

Studying in Shanghai marked my life on many levels and it still opens doors for me even now. Learning about doing business in China from a Western perspective led to meaningful opportunities that would not have been possible at a traditional business school.

Any advice for future students?

Form yourself into a global citizen. Learn languages, travel, develop an understanding for other cultures. Coming from a non-traditional background, I’ve often felt like an outsider but I let it drive me rather than stifle me. Today, I’m the most confident I’ve ever been and all of my skills are being utilized. From one day to the next, I’ll speak three or four languages, be developing partnership agreements, or working to conceptualize what entrepreneurial diplomacy might mean for my country.

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Tonika Sealy Thompson, Barbadian

Ambassador of Barbados to Brazil, Government of Barbados, MBA Class of 2012

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