Your Core Executive MBA Program

You’ll go beyond business to study every topic through a global lens, master working crossculturally, discover the technologies shaping our future, and develop the deep self-awareness needed to lead effectively and with confidence.



Award-winning program

Based on our award-winning MBA program, our EMBA curriculum embodies our practical approach to business education. Professors with years of industry experience will bring the subject to life in interactive classes, and students from all over the world—all with different global backgrounds—will give you a fresh perspective on the issues raised.

Courses and electives

Develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts of global business and prepare for an international career across a range of roles and industries with core courses in finance, marketing, operations, leadership, and strategy in the context of a rapidly changing international business landscape. Your electives enable you to tailor the EMBA program to suit you.

Year 1

Core Program


Immersion is a combination of learning academic fundamentals, leadership development, building new relationships, and forging a sense of community, all while orienting yourself with the city and campus.

Leading with Personal Impact

Broaden and strengthen your interpersonal skills to improve your personal leadership effectiveness, whatever its current level.

Leading Globally

Cultivate the knowledge and abilities to lead multicultural teams and organizations in the future, wherever in the world they might be.

Operations Management

Develop an understanding of operations management in both service and manufacturing organizations, with an emphasis on international operations.


Examine the framework of accounting principles as well as the methods and tools for more effective planning, budgeting, and decision making across departments.

Financial Management

Develop the financial acumen and skills needed to analyze and use financial data to make strategic and operational investment decisions.


Evaluate the processes and strategies used in the marketing lifecycle from a managerial perspective, focusing on international marketing contexts.

Data & Decisions

Place yourself at the intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge to make meaningful, impactful contributions to any business.


Electives & City Seminars

Electives & City Seminars

Customize your degree with a wide range of electives offered at all Hult campus locations, take specialist seminars in cities across the globe, and gain hands-on experience with an internship.


Year 2

Core Program

Leading Change

Develop an understanding of how to initiate, manage, and successfully implement change in different business contexts.

Managerial Economics

Examine economic perspectives, tools, and analytic approaches to make better business decisions, and understand how economic policies affect the business environment.

Project Management

Gain the project management skills necessary for a business executive, manager, consultant, or entrepreneur to successfully initiate, plan, and execute projects.

Business in Global Society

Explore the economic, social, and political context of global business and identify the institutional frameworks that shape the wider context of business.

Global Strategy

Develop a deep understanding of the key strategic opportunities and challenges business leaders face, and learn how to create and sustain competitive advantage in a global context.


Capstone Experience

Capstone Experience

Delve deep into the techniques and technology being used to innovate business for the future and apply everything you have learned so far in your capstone challenge.


Electives & City Seminars

Electives & City Seminars

Customize your degree with a wide range of electives offered at all Hult campus locations, take specialist seminars in cities across the globe, and gain hands-on experience with an internship.


*Based on a September start date.

Inside Hult

Inside the Masters of Business Administration at Hult

Hult’s Chief Academic Officer, Johan Roos, is here to tell you more about who we are. Have you heard of our “triple-crown” accreditation, but not sure what it means? Or would you like to know more about our plans for the future? Take a tour of our London campuses with Johan and discover Hult for yourself.

Grading & Assessment

How assessment works

Hult’s grading system is intended to encourage and acknowledge academic achievement while promoting a growth mindset. The system is based on principles of fairness and transparency, and faculty award grades based upon established criteria that you’ll find in your course syllabus. Course grades at Hult usually involve a combination of assessments such as case analysis, examinations, presentations, and other types of team and individual assessments.



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