As 2020 comes to an end, I was reflecting on when I wanted to start a Masters in Business in Administration back in 2019, and what this meant to me as a turning point in my life. I recall my first impressions of Abu Dhabi—a modern city with diverse businesses.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an overwhelming number of universities and you start thinking: Which one do I choose? Where do I start? A roller coaster of feelings takes over you.

As a working professional, I was looking for a program that complied with my educational needs and gave me enough flexibility so my work responsibilities wouldn’t be compromised.

Hult’s part-time Executive MBA allows you to keep working and studying at the same time—this is a huge advantage over other business schools which require you to take a year off to study.

When choosing a university for your postgraduate studies, you want to choose an institution that gives you the best return on investment: your time, money, and intellectual challenge.

Hult is among the 100 best universities as per the Financial Times ranking, and the best business schools in The Economist ranking, scoring a position of #13. These exceptional rankings give you the confidence that you are making a great choice.

EMBA Ranking 2020

Cost was an important factor in my decision; my enrollment advisor told me that Hult supported women by offering a Women in Business scholarship that I could apply to. This was a great incentive. Being a female in a male-dominated industry (oil and gas) and observing that Hult values gender diversity and female development led me to believe that this was the right school for me to develop my leadership skills.

Networking with Women in Business

It was Ramadan at the time I was researching different universities and I was invited by Maëlan Gaucher for an Iftar, where I had a lovely dinner and meet other potential students. What I noticed there was an impressive diversity of people, from different backgrounds and different industries. I made a great friend that day, who also decided to study at Hult. It was an amazing experience.
Ramadan in Dubai

Around the time of considering potential universities, I went to Hult’s Dubai campus to attend the book launch of “The AI Republic: The Nexus between Humans and Intelligent Automation” by Mark Esposito, Terese Tse, and Danny Goh. That day I listened to a lecture by Marc which was so impressive—the level of discussions, the engagement, and interactions were incredible. I thought to myself, “I must have classes with him”, and I do! He teaches me managerial economics and I’m still starstruck by his knowledge and teaching abilities. The economics class has given me a whole new perspective of the current situation of the world.

Another great point about the professors at Hult is their corporate experience. Many of the professors and academic assistants have worked in different industries and companies. This fact leads to a more realistic application of the concepts being taught in class. Someone that has gone through the same experiences as you have or are facing at work can lead you to overcome the challenges in your career.

The Hult staff were another selling point! During the research process for the best university, you start to realize that the engagement of the recruiters and the quality of the events you are invited to attend do make a difference. The attention and the understanding from the enrollment team that this is a very important and big decision for you and the pressure imposed by deadlines may not make your choice any easier.

The part-time Executive MBA is program can take up to 24 months to complete. If the student wishes, it can be completed in 18 months by doing all the summer electives at once.

Hult also offers the Global Campus Rotation option to travel to three different campuses for to complete your studies. This is not an imposition, but a benefit of the program! It gives you the chance to network and engage with different cultures. The ability to choose which campus you want to study at and where you’d like to spend your summer is a great empowerment: you model your degree as you see fit—financially and timewise.

saskia classroom

The future job market requires professionals to be flexible and develop new skills. The set of skills I am looking to develop during my MBA is to analyze a data set and apply solutions into business development and strategies. More than a degree in business, I am looking for a specialization into a business branch. Hult offers three specializations: marketing, finance, and business analytics.

Last by not least is the importance of the school’s accreditation and credibility. I was looking for a university that not only has credibility in the Middle East (where I’m working now), but also an international caliber that would be recognized anywhere in the world. Hult has the triple-crown accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, which are the most prestigious accreditations, recognized worldwide.

I accepted the challenge in July 2019 and started my studies at Hult in September—I’m now on track to graduate in 2021 and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.

Saskia takes on the Hult challenge

Hult has met all my expectations:

  • The classes really challenge me and encourage me to expand my knowledge constantly.
  • All the assignments make me face situations with the new set of skills I am encouraged to develop.
  • Clubs and societies promote gender diversity and constant networking between female professionals, for example, the Women in Business Club, which is an important tool to engage with other campuses and all the students.
  • I confirmed the Hult diversity at the first day in class when I counted 40 nationalities and 24 different industries represented.Recently I had an opportunity to meet other students from the Boston and London campuses via an online webinar and unanimously we share the same thought: Hult’s best assets are the professors!All the memories that led me to make my educational decision that has changed my life were so great, and I hope that by sharing my story, it’ll help you figure out the best place for you.

Find out more about Hult’s Executive MBA and see how study can fit around your career.