Dennis De Munck is Head of Employer Branding and University Partnerships at Ferrari. Partnered with Hult, the Ferrari brand is iconic—its logo, colors, and engines are immediately recognizable worldwide. Dennis spoke exclusively at the Hult London postgraduate campus to share his insights into this leading brand.  

Interview twists and turns  

Do you want to interview at Ferrari? Well, you might need a good grasp of Italian. Despite the job description specifying this wasn’t necessary, Dennis De Munck had to do his whole interview in a second language! 

On top of that, Dennis realized he was not wearing a tie. Not wanting to be caught out, minutes before the interview he ran out and brought a Ferrari-branded tie. But was this trying too hard? Did Dennis look like too much of a ‘fan’? So, wracked with anxiety about his new attire and in a second language, Dennis was whisked into a back room to meet with two executives, including Piero Ferrari, son of founder Enzo. Fast-forward 11 years and the rest is history.   


Making the cut   

During the talk, Dennis talked about Ferrari’s official talent acquisition process. Ferrari try to exemplify selectivity and strategic recruitment practices with a low turnover of 4%. With the team responsible for boarding over 400 new employees yearly, their low turnover is extra impressive.  

 Ferrari is a brand with a fanbase. So, they avoid widespread job postings to stop the deluge of applications from those fans andget the best candidates for the job. This way they can avoid recruitment agency fees and be selective in the candidates they pick. Usually, roles have candidates in mind before the job, so they can nurture their relationships and really get to know the candidates.  

Going electric  

Dennis spoke at length about Ferrari’s efforts to remain an industry leader. Despite the competitiveness of the industry, Ferrari blocks out the noise and does not emulate competitors. The product development team prides itself on using new technologies that embody the brand’s legacy of performance and innovation. 

The world’s motoring population is slowly moving towards hybrid vehicles. Instead of remaining rigid in their ideals, Ferrari moves with the times. It takes a meticulous approach to integrate electric vehicles and keep their high standards for performance and customer experience. But with a momentous effort, they remain trailblazers in their industry.  

This isn’t to say it’s without its challenges. Ferrari has a number of ‘legacy vehicles’, many of them pre-owned which are a huge part of the brand. Balancing the management of these and the transition to electric is tough but important. Ferrari are not just a motoring brand; they are a heritage brand. 

Building a culture 

The culture is paramount at Ferrari. Dennis’s lengthy interview process and the selectiveness of their recruitment, in general, is proof of that. They need the right people to embody their carefully curated values. With the right people you can build anything you want from your brand.  

Aspiring professionals and automotive enthusiasts alike can glean invaluable lessons from Ferrari’s illustrious legacy, discovering the enduring principles of excellence, innovation, and passion that underpin the brand’s storied heritage. From the thrill of the interview room to the corridors of innovation, Ferrari beckons us to embrace a world where tradition meets innovation, and excellence knows no bounds. 

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