Melanie Buritica is a dancer. Although raised in the beating heart of London, her family is originally from Colombia. It’s from her Latin clan that she was first introduced to salsa. It started when she was little and has been a steady part of her life; simmering in the background through all major life events. Since turning 18, dance and culture have taken a bigger role in Melanie’s life—she now teaches salsa at Hult. 

To begin with, there were murmurings of a salsa club on the London postgraduate campus, and people were intrigued. At Hult, many clubs and societies are formed around networking or building skills that directly benefit your career. Melanie is clear on one thing—Salsa Club is about having fun. This is students’ chance to let loose and get active in a positive way. Focus on your steps and feel your problems fade away. For a brief few hours, it’s just you and your partners.   

Business students aren’t the most natural dancers, but this hasn’t stopped the surge in popularity that Salsa Club has experienced on campus. Demographics-wise it isn’t just Latin students that are interested either. While Melanie is Colombian and plenty of Spanish-speaking students have signed up, she feels the club has a more universal appeal. That said male-identifying students are often a little more awkward when it comes to showing their moves! While it was female-dominated early on, these days even the lads have taken to it with gusto.  

Salsa Club Class

Meetups for the club share a similar rhythm each time. They begin with a lesson—usually taught by Melanie or co-president Mariela, to give newcomers the basics. Slowly they introduce them to multiple partners. Melanie likens it to speed dating! There is no room for shyness here, and any inhibitions are quickly washed away by the Latin beats. The focus is on having fun, so even if you’re not a natural, it’s the taking part that counts. 

After everyone is sufficiently liberated and all the walls have come down, it’s out to the clubs. Living in London has its benefits. Here, in the sprawling metropolis, there’s a night out for everyone. With salsa bars scattered across the city, Melanie and her club take it to the next level—salsa outside the comfort of campus.  

Melanie is graduating soon, and so is looking for someone to take the reins and keep Salsa Club going. Letting loose and having fun is absolutely vital to the student experience. That can be forgotten in the race to upskill, network, and get the best grades possible. Even if you’re just a newbie with a free evening and two left feet—swing by and introduce yourself. Salsa Club is a guaranteed good time.