Consumer behaviors are changing all around us. Expectations of online experiences are constantly increasing and loyalty is harder than ever to gain and retain. Meanwhile, the new boys on the start-up block are disrupting business models and large non-digital companies will be left behind if they aren’t innovating effectively and appealing to the changing needs of their audience.[Tweet “Non-digital companies will be left behind if they aren’t innovating effectively “]

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses to understand the growing number of digital technologies in order to engage the target customer.

The essential dos and don’ts

In his recent webinar, Professor Ben Hart shares the top ten digital dos and don’ts for businesses to help you and your organization arrive at success in this fast moving landscape. He looks at the opportunities and pitfalls in the digital world, and provides tips on how to appeal to today’s connected customer.

The dos and don’t cover topics essential to ultimate business success, including: starting small, building the right team, responding to customers but not allowing them to dictate to you, and learning from failure.

Keep it simple

In his tips Professor Hart emphasizes the importance of simplicity saying: “Delivering solutions in a simple way is the key to business success” [Tweet ““Delivering solutions in a simple way is the key to business success” – Professor Ben Hart”]. The same goes for increasing customer engagement through interactivity and evolving your business model when changing times demand innovation.

Read the full 10 Digital Dos and Don’ts from Hult Professor of Marketing, Ben Hart and listen to his webinar.

The road ahead

Looking at what 2015 will bring for digital marketing, web promotions are expected to account for nearly a quarter of the entire advertising market. One thing’s for sure, marketing has changed for good and all marketers need to have an in-depth knowledge of digital techniques.

Hult was the first business school to recognize this by launching a Master of Digital Marketing, and has integrated the core components of that program into
 their Master’s in International Marketing program to equip students with the strategic marketing skills they will need to compete in today’s wired world.

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