Written by Caitlin Taffe, Master of International Business student, San Francisco

In September 2016, a group of fresh, motivated, and ambitious Hult students–a.k.a “Hultians”–came together to start something new.  A club and student-run magazine, The Hultian seeks to bridge together students from each Hult campus through providing a platform for global student communication. The Hultian aims to inspire and educate readers on how to become a global leader by providing them with everlasting connections and support when we’re continents apart. As a student-run magazine, we pride ourselves on constant growth and continue to drive others and ourselves towards improvement.

The Hultian

Mehras Karim, Founding President


Mehras Karim Hult

The idea behind The Hultian emerged during my first few weeks at Hult. I vividly remember submitting the request to register The Hultian as one Hult’s official clubs & societies. Our club was approved within a matter of days and we held our first magazine meeting the week after. More than 30 people attended the initial meeting and we spent an hour sharing our ideas. Fast forward a week, we were now 25 people split across four different divisions. We started slowly and worked on our first magazine. It took us longer than planned to publish the first issue, which is when we noticed there were some flaws in the way we had set up our club. In order to achieve more effectiveness and efficiency, we reshaped our structure. This triggered a wave of weekly changes, as we trialed and tested different structures and business models.

By April 2017 we were going strong. The Hultian has 10 amazing, committed members, more than 500 readers, over 100 student-written articles, and on track to publish the third magazine edition. We have come a long way and surpassed everyone’s expectations. I personally think this achievement was made possible due to the fantastic group of friends and teammates I work with on The Hultian’s board.

Kyle Small, Founding Secretary

Kyle Small Hult

The Hultian is a platform for building a community. I view it as a resource to bring students together in order to create value. The magazine started as a pet project for every member of the board but grew to be a symbol of Hult, which incoming students discovered and enjoyed reading before joining the school. I was first introduced to The Hultian with the plan to be a contributing writer based off a separate blog I was running with another Hult student. I was approached by Mehras, the President, who sought me out due to my networking skills and asked me to join the board. I got the feeling there was more to this. It was about empowering each of us as aspiring business leaders from around the world, to work together.

In my role, I was given the opportunity to explore my writing. This was a particularly attractive to me as it was a skill I always wanted to develop. Through the course of events, we went through to develop the magazine The Hultian became something I was passionate about as if it was not just a university club, but my own career. Through my work on the magazine, I gained some of my closest friends and truly learned about myself in a professional environment. The team behind The Hultian treated this as a serious endeavor and the team dynamics exposed me to people from different cultures work and the importance of clarity and communication.

Lindsey Haskins, Founding Event Manager

Lindsay Haskins Hult

What does The Hultian mean to me? Being part of The Hultian has been the ultimate global experience. It has provided not only a practical learning experience but also created some lasting memories. Not everyone is able to get the opportunity to be exposed to this kind of diversification and it is enlightening. People from all over the world who are seeking out a global education and leave with a network of inspiring intelligent individuals. Why did I join the Hultian? Originally, I was approached by the Hultian just to assist on a few events since I was a member of an events club at Hult. After attending just a few meetings, the way they ran the club, like a business, truly excited me. They weren’t just a campus club but truly a professional publication run by a self-motivated group of people. I continued to join meetings and became part of the Hultian as I wanted to contribute to Hult. I wanted to become an active working part of The Hultian events department and to practice working in a professional environment. What did I get out of it? This experience has given me countless real-life examples that I am already put to use in my professional life and even interviews. I am able to practice my problem-solving skills, manage projects, and work in teams. I have been able to meet even more people, both inside and outside of Hult, that add to my growing global network.

Gabriela Lucano, Founding Marketing Manager

Gabriella Lucano Hult

Different people contributed to this success story but the ones remaining are those who shared a common vision from the beginning: learning today in order to lead better tomorrow.

-Gabriela Lucano, The Hultian Marketing Manager

I first ran into The Hultian during the San Francisco Club Bazaar organized in October 2017. Back then I was actually looking for a club where I could combine my passion for both Fashion and Marketing. I remember mentioning the fact I could contribute with a fashion chronicle. A few days later I was part of the magazine and Mehras was already asking me to lead as the Head of the Marketing department. I enjoy working on The Hultian’s promotion and developing new strategies according to what people want to hear and who from. It started as a club but turned out that it’s a job we are all managing here at The Hultian. And it works very well that way so far. Between departures, new members, department fusion and more, The Hultian has been through many changes. My department suffered from this but learned a lot. And now that I look back at all of this, I’m amazed by what we achieved as a whole. The Hultian is beyond a simple magazine, it’s a community builder, the center of relevant information, a networking tool and an opportunity provider at the same time. Different people contributed to this success story but the ones remaining are those who shared a common vision from the beginning: learning today in order to lead better tomorrow. We work hard every day, motivated by the idea that The Hultian is a tool we created to build and guide tomorrow’s international business leaders.

Caitlin Taffe, Founding Editor-in-chief

Caitlin Taffe Hult

The Hultian started as a passion project from our original President, Mehras. I remember during immersion he asked me, and I assume others if there was interest in a student newspaper or magazine. As a student studying in San Francisco and knowing that there were other campuses with different activities going on, I thought this was a great idea to connect us more to students we go to school with but may never meet because we study on opposite sides of the world. The Hultian came to mean much more than just a place for publication and news. It became a family. A place where we all went for support no matter the cause or issue, a place for inspiration and a place for the community.

Additional members of the team were Harshal Ved (COO), Rodrigo Forerro(CCO), Vincenzo Ottero (Head of Finance) and Elsy Menedez (Undergraduate Relations).

The Hultian 2

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