What do you call it when students from all across the world come together to solve a major social issue and help transform the lives of millions for the #PowerForGood? Answer: The Hult Prize–the world’s largest student movement and leading force for social good.

“The pursuit of impact is real, and it’s how the 21st century has to operate.”

This year’s challenge is focused on six dimensions of transformation: health, mobility, water, education, agriculture, and connectivity, which are poised for major disruptive innovation through the use of energy.

At the beginning of March, 15 regional competitions took place for the 2018 Hult Prize Regionals, five of which were hosted on the Hult campuses. Some of the locations included Melbourne, Shanghai, Dubai, Nairobi, London, Boston, Toronto, San Fransico, Cairo, Tunis, Lagos, Quito, and Mexico City. The campuses and locations buzzed with young, ambitious minds itching to step closer to the Hult Prize Finals, held in New York City.

The global competition commenced early in the morning with presentations taking place throughout the entire day. Students gathered from all over the world–Jordan, Canada, Nigeria, London, Ecuador, Tunisia–to give the perfect pitch and convince judges of their incredible, innovative ideas. The atmosphere across each competition location sparked with excitement, inspiration, and positivity.

“There’s nothing better than having a diverse group of the best and the brightest”

Julie Abrams, CEO and Chair Bay Area Women Leaders Network

The winners of the regional competition will have the chance to join the Hult Prize Accelerator Program, taking place in the U.K. at the Ashridge estate in July and August. There, they will have access to mentors, investors, and corporate partners to help them become entrepreneurs and support their development. The program will provide coaching, team building, and workshops for the students to prepare before moving on to the big pitch at the United Nations HQ, competing for the $1 million prize.

After deliberation and a final presentation from the judges, the winning teams were announced: Team Sulis from Rutgers University at the Hult Boston campus, Batterease from Rollins College at the Hult San Fransico campus, Sunrice (NRG) from University College London and Team Empower from the University of Oxford at the Hult London campus, and Living Waters, also from Rutgers University at the Hult Shanghai campus. Congratulations to Hult teams Asha and Enpov who also made it to the semi-final round of pitches.

Though there could only be one team to win, the Hult Prize Regional Competition is about teams coming together from different paths and backgrounds with one ultimate purpose. The Hult Prize continues to lead a generation of young and talented entrepreneurs in a direction to change the world.

Photo courtesy: Hult Prize Quito Regional

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