Hult’s professors are inspiring leaders whose business experience is as impressive as their academic credentials. Each year at graduation, individual faculty members are recognized and celebrated as voted for by Hult students. In this series, we take a closer look at each of the 2017 award winners and what makes them exceptional in the eyes of our students.


London—Global One-Year MBA

The 2017 Professor of the Year Award for the Global One-Year MBA program, London campus, goes to Aleksander Grzeszczak. Alek teaches Accounting & Finance for Hult’s Executive MBA, Global One-Year MBA, and Masters in International Business programs across our London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York City campus locations. He also teaches at Cambridge University. Alek has extensive experience within the private equity and investment banking world, including 12 years as head of transaction execution at a mid-sized, emerging markets PE fund.

“Alek teaches finance for the sheer love of it. His delivery is passionate and practical, enriched by his extensive experience within the industry. His lectures give students a unique glimpse into the professional lives and personal interests of CEOs, C-level executives, and shareholders.”

– George Baffour, MBA Class of 2016 & Winner of the 3M Challenge

We caught up with Alek to find out more about his passion for teaching and unique presentation style.


Hi Alek, and congratulations on the award! What is it about your teaching style that connects with students?

Thank you! I think my efforts to explain complex topics in simple terms—based on examples from my own experiences—is what students appreciate. I try to present financial topics from different angles, and bring in lots of illustrative examples.


How do you draw on your practical experience in the classroom?

I limit theory to the absolute minimum and focus on practical applications and experiential learning. I go after the “big picture”, progressively break it down into manageable chunks, and relate topics to my own experience. I am quite loud and active in the classroom, and I think this attitude helps to keep students engaged—if perhaps moderately stressed!

“I go after the “big picture,” progressively break it down into manageable chunks, and relate topics to my own experience.”

Where in the world have you lived or worked, and how does your global experience influence your professional approach?

My experience spans Canada, the USA, Switzerland, UAE, UK, France, Serbia, Croatia, and Austria. Over time, I realized that the world is not black and white but more than 50 shades of grey: there are many different ways of approaching and solving the same problems.



Why do you think it’s important that students receive a global education?

In educational terms, “global” equals “transferable”. Skills that are transferable are key to reinventing yourself—something that today’s students are likely to have to do two or three times before they retire.

As part of Hult’s commitment to Lifelong Learning, all graduates are given the opportunity to take one free elective per year for the rest of their careers. Whether as a way to keep skills current or to navigate towards something new, this is a brilliant way to stay relevant.


“Today’s students are likely to have to reinvent themselves two or three times before they retire.”

Thanks for your time Alek, and all the best for the new academic year ahead!


More about Alek


Alek’s professional and academic achievements

20 years in Investment Banking and Private Equity

MBA in Finance and MIA in International Business – Columbia Business School

MA Sc in Telecoms Engineering – University of Ottawa


Courses Alek teaches at Hult

Business Math

International Accounting

Financial Management

Corporate Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Modeling & Structuring

Private Equity


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