Being a parent is a wonderful opportunity. It gives us the chance to positively advise and influence the decision of our children on a number of things throughout their lives. One very important decision our children make is where to go to study after high school. We often fall into the “easy solution” category and recommend the university we ourselves attended or the universities that we know as global household names. However, we as parents should involve ourselves in the research about university choices as much, if not more, as our children do.

Like many things, generational differences of opinion have remained–it is a constant. What was once the best option for us, may not hold true for our son or daughter and their career choices today. The research should, therefore, be an exercise conducted together.

As a parent and an education professional working in the sector for over twenty years, I feel the following criteria are important considerations for parents to use as university search filters and highlights why Hult is a good option for students seeking a transformative educational experience.

1. Local vs Global

Is your son/daughter looking for a local university experience in the same town or city as you are living in now or one which provides a truly international experience with students from around the world? At Hult, we offer the latter. The global business school, Hult’s environment is one where students share the experiences with their classmates from around the world and learn to see the world differently. Through our international network of campus locations, we offer a unique opportunity to study at one institution in Boston, London, Shanghai, San Francisco, New York or Dubai, providing a truly global experience in a single educational decision.

2. Traditional vs Forward-Looking

The world of business is changing and at Hult, we are dedicated to building leaders of the future. We do so through a challenging and innovative curriculum and providing an environment where real-world business experience epitomises our approach. Experiential learning is at the forefront of what Hult does and is guided by the principle of being the most relevant business school to employers. Alongside learning fundamental theory, students will work on live case challenges with global clients, be inspired by our visiting speaker series, connect with our corporate network to find impactful internships, and have the opportunity to test launch their own business idea inside our in-house incubator– Hult Founders Lab. Developing the minds of our undergraduates, Hult students will not only be prepared for the business world but also learn how to positively impact it.

3. Anonymity vs Community

Learning experiences are not the same for everyone. We all have different learning styles and preferences. However, there is one common denominator–we learn better in an environment which provides an opportunity to query, to explore, to apply learning and knowledge and to be heard. Hult provides a uniquely global and explorative learning experience and one in which learning in and outside of the classroom are seen as equally important. Through our Hult Student Association, we ensure the collective voice of the student body is heard and represented in a balanced way. We maintain a strong open-door policy with our campus staff and faculty to ensure individual are supported and voices are heard. Hult provides a strong sense of community and belonging on campus through the clubs and societies, sports teams, campus events but also through the accommodation options we provide. At Hult, it is of the upmost importance to be part of a community and in a safe and friendly environment where you are more than just a number.

Practical, innovative, and forward-looking Hult’s learning environment provides the platform for ambitious, energetic, and passionate students to prosper and feel equipped for a future that is changing faster than ever.

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Global Generation


Shane Healy Hult

Written by Shane Healy, Regional Enrollment Director for Hult Undergraduate–Europe



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