Hult is all about learning through experience. That’s why we run a series of Campus Premiere events throughout the year, so anyone interested in studying at Hult can experience for themselves what it’s like to be a student here. Last month’s Campus Premiere was held at our Boston campus and saw 158 people of 43 different nationalities come together for a weekend of learning, networking, and celebration. Here are the highlights:

Students from 43 different countries interested in studying at Hult joined us in Boston to connect and exchange ideas.

“The diversity was something that amazed me.”

It’s a great opportunity to meet future classmates and a get a feel for the kind of people who come to Hult.


“The professor had a very unique teaching style. He kept the class very engaged while presenting the material in a way that helped me not only understand it, but retain it.”

Attendees had a choice of three master classes. Here, Professor Jean Vanhoegaerden leads a master class on cross-cultural management.
Classes were interactive and involved plenty of group work to give an authentic taste of the Hult classroom.


“I liked how there were activities, not just lectures, so that we could apply what we had learned.”

Attendees got deep in to the content of the class and worked together to solve the challenges.
Attendees looked out on stunning views of Boston as they put their questions to a panel of alumni and heard an inspiring speech from Kristen Tyrrell, former Director of Strategic Operations at Hult Prize and current head of Hult’s alumni chapter in Boston.
As the day went on, everyone opened up and got to know each other better.


“This was an amazing event. I was able to connect with future professors, my advisors, alumni, and current students, and was provided with very helpful information.”

Hult’s VP of Career Development and Alumni Relations, Katharine Boshkoff, gives an overview of global job market trends and tells attendees what career support they can expect at Hult.
The evening event was held at Boston’s historic Gardener Museum, so attendees could soak up some of the city’s culture as they relaxed after a long day.
Networking in an informal environment gave everyone the opportunity to swap personal stories – and have fun!


People found out about each others professional backgrounds and goals, and could decide whether Hult was the place for them to pursue theirs.




We’d like to thank everyone involved for an incredible weekend in Boston, and we look forward to welcoming those students joining us in September. We still have spaces available at our upcoming Campus Premiere events in London and Dubai, so If you’d like to experience what it’s like to study at Hult, you can register here. Hope to see you on campus!

*All quotes in this post are taken from an anonymous post-event survey.




















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