In the past, Global Executive MBA students at Hult International Business School have launched new careers with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Amazon—thanks to a 19,000-strong alumni network and world-leading career development advice, they are set up for lifelong professional development.

Ranked among the top-25 International Business Schools in the world outside of the US by Bloomberg in 2017, Hult has the infrastructure in place to guarantee life-long success for its students. “Through learning at Hult, EMBA students are given a springboard onto an international platform,” says Peter Hill, senior director of career development at the school.

Alongside Peter a wave of Executive MBA career coaches operate all over the globe—at each of Hult’s international campuses in London, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, and Shanghai—on-hand to offer advice on career development and interview strategy, guiding students from enrolment to post-graduation employment.

This is a process that begins long before students walk through the doors at Hult.

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