We understand that applying to schools and universities can be both an exciting and stressful process. At Hult International Business School, we have undergraduate students joining us from all corners of the globe. That’s why we tailor our admissions process to our global student population, making it as straightforward and flexible as possible—no matter where in the world you went to high school.

We’re pleased to offer ambitious Bachelor of Business Administration applicants the chance to apply through our unique Early Decision application process.

Important dates

As the name suggests, making an Early Decision application means you’ll be among the first to be notified of your application outcome. The deadline to apply for Early Decision at Hult is December 15, and you’ll know if you’ve been accepted before the end of 2021. There are some important conditions that come with making an Early Decision application. You can only apply to one school at a time via Early Decision. And if you’re accepted, there is an agreement in place committing you to attend. At Hult, this means you’ll need to confirm your place by February 15 and withdraw any pending applications to other institutions.

Early Decision application deadline: December 15

Confirmation of Hult place deadline: February 15


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What are the benefits of making an Early Decision?

Beyond knowing the outcome of your application sooner, there are a number of other important advantages that come with applying via Early Decision.

1. It shows the school you’re seriously interested and ready to make a serious commitment

Admissions officers recognize that Early Decision candidates are committed to the program. This sends a positive message before your application has even been read.

Schools are eager to fill their classrooms with students who are genuinely excited to be there and want to actively contribute to life on campus. It’s no surprise that these are exactly the types of students who tend to apply for Early Decision.

2. Peace of mind and more time to enjoy your final year of school

If your Early Decision application is successful, you’ll usually know by December. This is still relatively early in the academic year, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to make the most of your final year before university, free from the pressure and expense of undergraduate applications. You’ll be able to make the most of school, sports, and friends with the peace of mind that your undergraduate place is already guaranteed.

3. Earn a Hult masters degree at no additional tuition cost*

Students who qualify for the masters program upon successful completion of their undergraduate degree are eligible to earn one of Hult’s masters programs. We explain more about this works below.

4. More time to arrange your student visa and prepare for your new life abroad

If, like most Hult students, you’ll be studying overseas as an undergraduate, a successful Early Decision application can give you an important head start in preparing for life in a new country.

Depending on where you’re from, the student visa process can sometimes be complex. We have a dedicated Visas and Compliance Team to help, but having extra time to prepare can make a potentially stressful process easier. You’ll also have more time to consider your travel and accommodation options, helping you make a smoother transition to student life abroad.

5. First access to key scholarships

Because the application deadline for Early Decision tends to be earlier, it usually means you’ll be competing with a smaller pool of applicants. Not only can this be an advantage when it comes to admission, it can also give you earlier access to scholarships and other forms of financial aid. We offer a number of merit-based scholarships and awards for undergraduates, including Academic Excellence, Global Generation, Growth Mindset, Future Leader, Technology & Innovation, and DECA scholarship.


How does getting a Hult masters at no additional cost work?

Our earliest applicants are the ones with the most passion, dedication, and drive. When you show you’re committed to coming to Hult—we show our commitment to you and your education. And one of the major perks of being an Early Decision student is your exclusive benefit of studying one of our masters for free.*

As an early decision applicant, you can study:

  • Masters in International Marketing: See yourself as a strategic business professional with a dash of creativity? A career in marketing could be for you.
  • Masters in Finance: Want to crunch the numbers of some of the biggest corporations in the world? Gain the specialist skills you’ll need from this STEM degree.
  • Masters in Business Analytics: Another STEM favorite; in a data-driven world, the ability to translate analysis into bold business decisions is key. Could you be the person to do it?

To ensure you’re still eligible to receive this offer, make sure to confirm your seat before by February 15, 2022.

*Additional terms & conditions apply. Please speak to your enrollment advisor or visit hult.edu for full terms.


Our Early Decision application deadline is fast approaching on December 15, 2021.

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