“We hope to be the business school of choice for existing and aspiring leaders. We will contribute to sustainable growth, helping leaders to integrate commercial success and societal well-being.”

Hult Mission Statement

A school for aspiring leaders and future entrepreneurs, success at Hult International Business School is about grabbing opportunities to break boundaries and grow. From what you learn in the classroom to how you apply your skillset in the real world, Hult students are given the tools to innovate new ideas and challenge the status quo.

A distinct trait of a successful Hult candidate is one that embodies this growth mindset and has a vision that transcends borders. Successful Hult candidates strive for a way to channel passion and are eager to learn alongside peers from a diverse background. Not only do they have the ambition to drive their goals, they also have the discipline to achieve them. These are the students who show up at 6:00 am on a Monday morning to organize amazing events on campus–usually planned as part of their student-managed club or society. On Friday nights, they stay late on campus to work with their team and create winning strategies for their the Hult Business Challenge.

Therefore a candidate who can understand the difference between attending a class and learning in a class are the ones who differentiate themselves from the rest. Most people can talk about having experienced a time abroad or their perspective on a trending global issue. But at Hult, you’ll find yourself entirely immersed in a uniquely global environment, where you are challenged to work as leaders collaborating together to build a new future. These leaders define their own path. They understand that there is a thin line between being a multi-tasker and being able to prioritize their tasks. Know how to work with others, seek help or shy away from any hurdle that comes their way. Although they sound common, these skills are not easy to have and can make all the difference.

At Hult, our students are the brand ambassadors. Appreciative of Hult family and journey, they are involved in almost every event and seminar Hult hosts and are proud advocates of the school. Through developing both hard skills and soft skills, they’ve learned how to work with people from different cultures and designations. Part of the global generation, these candidates adapt to various business environments and see the value in investing in an international network.

The successful candidates are not only an inspiration for most of the students, they are their own advocates. They work hard for every assignment and are there to help any member of the Hult community– staff or student–where needed. They learn to manage how to create a balance between their personal life and work life and enjoy learning from their business-savy professors, who have been everything from CFO’s at Fortune 500 firms to Founders of some of the world’s most iconic brands real-world experience.

The successful Hult candidate will seek for the best learning resources and think constructively during the decision-making process. Said best by Mahatma Gandhi: “Worry about the work, not the results.”

Global Generation


Written by Nidhika Dhir–Associate Director of Enrollment, North America



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