Power & Policy Challenge

No successful business decision can ignore the local and global context. From tax regimes that promote business, free-trade zones and tariffs, to regional changes in growth and the disparities between developed and emerging countries. What makes someone willing to pay $69 million for a non-fungible token (NFT) representing a digital collage? You’ll identify a target market for a potential new business venture.

At a glance

  • Credits: 7.5

  • Challenge: Project

  • Required for all students except some university transfer students

Module snapshot

What you'll learn

  • The World Economy: Key Features & Historical Context

  • International Trade: Contracts & other Legal Obligations

  • Market Failures, Externalities & the Economics of Regulation

  • Taxation of Goods, Services & Wealth—Personal & Corporate

  • Measuring the Aggregate Economy, Fiscal Economy & Money Supply

The Challenge


Research the differences between specific emerging markets and the G20 economies to propose what national and international policies would make a fundamental change, remove inequalities, and encourage growth that benefits all parties.

Mindsets and Core Skills

We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies and analyzed millions of job postings worldwide to understand the key mindsets and core skills that are essential—not only for when you first graduate, but also for the rest of your career, right up to when you become CEO. We’ve integrated the assessment of these skills—like collaboration, communication, and creativity—into our core modules. You’ll be continually assessed on your performance to ensure you build up these attributes to the best of your ability alongside your problem-solving and leadership skills.

What our students say

Politics is about how your party can help others; business is how your company can. At Hult, you learn how to bridge the two.

Jonas Rosales


Class of 2018

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