Bachelor of Business Administration Limitless Program

At Hult, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to earn a world-class US degree. With our innovative Limitless Program, you can study Hult's Bachelor of Business Administration from home. Get the flexibility, accessibility, and affordability to reach your academic and career goals.


What is the Limitless Program?

Hult’s Limitless Program uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with one to two years of virtual learning from home. You’ll then complete your final two years on campus.

This hybrid online business degree is affordable, flexible, and enables you to earn a triple-accredited US degree starting from home. The on-campus portion can also give you the opportunity to gain work authorization in either the US or UK upon graduation.

In the Limitless Program, you’ll study the same curriculum as our Bachelor of Business Administration degree and join the same live, interactive classes that are taking place on campus, from home.

This is a unique learning experience where you don’t just learn theory. You learn the practical skills to lead and work in teams and pursue any career you choose.


How it works

Why choose Hult's hybrid online business degree?

Live classes

Innovative technology allows you to attend live classes from home. AI cameras follow the professors and students that are in class, electronic whiteboards capture annotations, and 360° surround-sound ceiling microphones block out ambient noise for an immersive, interactive learning experience. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the classroom.

Financial saving

As a Limitless Program student, you’ll begin your studies from home, which means you won’t need to worry about living expenses or housing for your first and second year at Hult. This is a huge benefit for lowering your estimated cost of attendance.

On-campus experience

Once you complete the first one to two years of your hybrid online business degree from home, you’ll then join one of our undergraduate campuses in Boston or London to complete your degree. Meet the students you’ve worked with, the professors you’ve learned from, and earn the opportunity for work authorization in the US or UK upon graduation.


Distance learning with a difference

Personal support

You’ll receive personal support during your first one to two years studying from home. Our dedicated advisors provide academic feedback, course selection guidance, and mentorship. You’ll also meet with your career advisor to start strategizing the steps to achieve your target job.

Triple accreditation

Follow the same curriculum as our on-campus bachelor's degree. Our Limitless Program is held to the same academic and accreditation standards, so you’ll graduate with the same US degree as your classmates who studied fully on campus.

Travel the world

Experience both our undergraduate campuses in Boston or London and explore further through Summer Rotation. Take electives in the summer months in Dubai, San Francisco, or Shanghai before you begin your final years on campus.

English proficiency support

Sharpen your language skills alongside your studies with optional English language lessons, so you’re ready to lead and collaborate with confidence.


Comparison of on-campus and Limitless Program

For illustrative purposes only

Tuition fees


On campus

49,950 USD

Limitless Program

49,950 USD

Example scholarship²

On campus

- 15,000 USD

Limitless Program

- 15,000 USD

Net tuition fees

On Campus

34,950 USD

Limitless Program

34,950 USD

Other student related costs³

On campus

3,735 USD

Limitless Program

850 USD

Room & board⁴

On campus

20,000 USD

Limitless Program


Total related living expenses

On campus

23,735 USD

Limitless Program

850 USD

Total estimated cost of attendance

On campus

58,685 USD

Limitless Program

35,800 USD

Estimated saving for one year of Limitless Program

22,885 USD

¹ The program fee for Limitless Program students is the US tuition price.

² A number of merit-based scholarships and need-based awards are available to Limitless Program applicants. All applicants are encouraged to speak with their enrollment advisor to learn more availability.

³ This includes the new student fee (one time fee), administrative fees, and insurance coverage. Insurance costs are subject to change depending on final quotations from insurance providers.

⁴ Room and board is an estimated cost and may differ based on campus preference and personal circumstance.


How to apply

As students earn the same Hult Bachelor of Business Administration degree, applicants to the Limitless Program follow the same admissions process and are eligible for the same scholarships and awards. Applicants wishing to apply to the Limitless Program can transfer a maximum of 30 credits. Accepted students can choose to begin their studies during our January or September start terms and opt to take classes in the Boston or London time zones.

You’ll have a dedicated enrollment advisor to guide you throughout the application journey and advise you on finances, scholarships, and how to apply.

Your Hult journey is unique and will be personalized to you. This starts the day you get in touch with us and continues through graduation—and beyond. Your application process will be no exception.

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  • Hult Boston Virtual Open House: Dec 3

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Application Deadline

December 15, 2022

Our enrollment team will support and guide you through the entire process.

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