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The Academic Program

At Hult, our approach to academic learning is based on the knowledge that the leaders of tomorrow must have a global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our distinctive approach is designed to foster both, focusing on the study of business in an international, real-world context. This creates an exciting academic environment that will continually challenge and inspire you.  

A global approach to learning

As a Hult student, your education will be a truly global one. You’ll not only study alongside students from all over the world—you’ll learn to collaborate together on critical challenges in the heart of the world’s most exciting centers of business. It’s the alchemy of this singularly global learning environment that makes Hult so special.

Live and study in global cities
Our campuses are a bit different, and that’s just the way we like it. Located centrally in cities at the forefront of global business, the Hult campus experience is one of remarkable energy and exposure. From the exciting innovation of the San Francisco Bay Area to the driving force of the world’s financial markets in London, at Hult you’ll live and study where today’s global business news is made.
Learn from global faculty
The faculty at Hult is just as international and interesting as the student body. Hult professors not only come from all over the world themselves, they also bring practical knowledge about what’s happening at the forefront of international industry. Many have been well-respected executives and consultants, and have years of experience practicing what they teach.
Earn both a U.S. and a U.K. degree
Not only will your education be global, but your degree will be global, too. Hult is one of the only schools in the world where you will earn both a U.S. and U.K. accredited bachelor degree, no matter which of our campus locations you graduate from around the world. This international recognition ensures that your degree will set you apart, no matter where in the world you eventually decide to live or work.


of graduates are employed or
or have attended graduate school
within six months of graduation


Student-led businesses that Hult Founders
Lab helped launch since 2016


companies in 38 countries have employed
Hult graduates.

At Hult, we all learn from the multiplicity of perspectives in the classroom. The diversity on campus means that our students quickly come to understand that there is no one right way of thinking. Hult students intuitively feel that there are many ways of looking at the world, and in the 21st century—in this incredibly complex time—that is such a crucial skill.

Dr. Nina van Gessel

The Netherlands
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program

Open doors and open minds

Hult’s physical space fosters an open exchange of ideas. There are no faculty departments dividing professors, meaning there is a campus-wide spirit of communication and collaboration. The faculty offices themselves are open-concept rooms, making it easy for students to connect with professors and for professors to connect with each other, regardless of discipline. You’ll find the doors to Student Services, Careers Services, and the Dean’s office all open too.

Learn from Hult's world-class business professors. 
Learn from Hult's world-class business professors. 

I think the teacher-student relationship at Hult is a really good reflection of what we can expect in our professional life. It’s just like what we might find today in the job market. It’s less “I’m your boss and going to tell you exactly what to do,” and more about collaboration and teamwork. It’s the same with our professors. You see them on campus and you can go up to talk to them—there isn’t a barrier.

Maria Victoria Suncar

Dominican Republic
Class of 2017

Where entrepreneurs flourish

Bloomberg no boarders
Bloomberg no boarders
We are proud that Hult was named #1 in New Grads Starting a Business and #7 in New Grads Who Went to a Startup on Bloomberg Businessweek's 2016 list of "Best Undergraduate Business Schools". While we’ve always known that Hult students are bold, creative and determined, this recognition shows just how much they are accomplishing.



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