Practical Business Experience for your Undergraduate Degree

Put theory into practice and gain hands-on experience as you take part in live client challenges. Throughout your program, you’ll compete to solve real-world business problems as creatively as possible, and graduate with a practical skillset suited to any career.

Practical Experiences

Learn by doing

We believe you learn best by doing. That’s why you’ll face real-world business challenges as part of your everyday classroom experience. Discover your true strengths and weaknesses in business scenarios. Understand the risk and opportunity that new technologies present to global business and society.

Core challenges

In addition to your hands-on class projects and club experiences, you’ll take part in three competitive team challenges as part of your core curriculum. Working in teams on real-world business and social challenges allows you to put theory into practice while developing your interpersonal and practical skills.

Startup Challenge

During the Startup Challenge, you’ll work in teams to design and pitch a product or service to a specific target audience. Using design thinking to recognize what makes a good offering, you’ll decide which market your venture will add value to. Then you’ll promote your venture, helping you understand the importance of finding, and creatively reaching, your future customers. This challenge encourages you to think on your feet, present your ideas, and collaboratively approach problem-solving with a positive mindset.

Social Impact Challenge

The Social Impact Challenge is modeled on the prestigious Hult Prize student competition, which is dedicated to launching the world’s next wave of social entrepreneurs. You and your team will be challenged to think globally and responsibly to solve a pressing social issue.

Specialization Challenge

Using the theory you’ve learned in your major classes enables you to focus more closely on your specialization and develops your career-ready skills. The challenge will focus on an issue or problem that requires you to apply it to the real world and real companies. And the challenges may even go beyond the Hult campus—you could be competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, competing against students from hundreds of other schools all over the world to work on a solution for a client like Credit Suisse.



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