Develop Leadership Skills for Life in your Undergraduate Program

Becoming an effective leader requires truly knowing yourself and learning how to bring out the best in others. Hult’s undergraduate leadership program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and to develop critical skills through continual practice, feedback, and coaching.


Great leadership starts with you

Learn about your best leadership tool: yourself. At Hult, you’ll learn to lead by understanding your weaknesses and building on your strengths. So, whatever your level of confidence or experience, you’ll graduate stronger, bolder, and more capable.

Know yourself so you can lead others

We’ve taken advanced practices from leadership development courses and built them into your degree. During the early part of your program, you’ll examine your personal attributes and what your strengths and development areas are on a number of leadership dimensions. Then, throughout the rest of the program, you’ll focus on a selection of key skills that you’ll improve through practice as well as faculty guidance and peer-to-peer feedback.

Graduate with growth mindset

No matter what your starting point on each of these key leadership skills, you can improve through constant practice and feedback. This proven technique means that you’ll not only be more self-aware and able to make better decisions, you’ll also be able to see your behaviors changing and feel your effectiveness in groups and organizations increasing.

Hult bba leadership

“Leadership is a combination of nature and nurture. Of the two, however, the latter is more important. Experience is the great teacher of leadership skills. Education can enhance and accelerate its effects.”

Robert Neer, Associate Professor American



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