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Hult’s non-traditional approach to education is rooted in real-world business—and one entrepreneur’s desire to do things differently.


Our Story

From our origins as the world’s oldest management consulting firm in Boston to a disruptive global force in business education, Hult has always innovated to meet the needs of business. Today, our alumni network has reached more than 25,000 and we have five campus locations across three continents. We remain an agile, forward-thinking organization—ready and able to implement change as the market, and our students, require it.

Founded by one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs, Bertil Hult, we’re a non-profit business school run by business people for business people.

Our pioneering approach to education is designed to give graduates the entrepreneurial skills needed by employers. And the opportunity to put these skills into practice while gaining real experience. This methodology has been recognized by the world’s three most prestigious accrediting bodies, AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, making Hult the first triple-accredited US business school.


Our Approach

Hult students are challenged to go beyond business as they learn by doing with a flexible curriculum that adapts to their interests and goals. Your child will study every topic through a global lens, learn about the technologies shaping the future, and develop the deep self-awareness needed to lead effectively and with confidence.

Preparing for the future

Data-driven design

Using big-data analysis to identify the skills employers are looking for globally, we’ve built the teaching of these professional and technical skills into the undergraduate program. Doing this ensures Hult students graduate with the skills they need for the roles they want.

Nano courses in disruptive technology

Graduates need to be ready to adapt to whatever the future holds. These short courses challenge students to think creatively about the business applications of new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and others.

Learn by doing

Challenge-based learning

As an integral part of their studies, students sharpen their skills with real-world business challenges. In teams, they put theory into practice as creatively as possible by applying it to new startup ideas, solving social issues, and consulting for leading companies.


There’s no better career preparation than firsthand, on-the-job experience. We support students in that journey by providing a three-credit elective or a capstone project consisting of pre-internship preparation work, a mid-point check-in, and a final reflection.


Our Locations

Hult students experience influential cities and dynamic campuses with Hult’s Global Campus Rotation. Your child will discover new cultures, master new skills, and expand their global network in our campus locations around the world.

Career Support

Careers Team

We believe that a student’s career journey is their Hult journey—the two are inseparable and intertwined. Our careers team is dedicated to helping your child find their passion by assessing their unique goals, strengths, and weaknesses. And we’ll support them every step of the way.

Our experienced career advisors will coach your child and help them stand out from the competition by perfecting their personal branding, resume, and interview skills. What better way to test their newly developed skills than through mock interviews and recruitment fairs. Our careers events and networking opportunities are designed to set your child up for success.

A degree from Hult could take your child to many places and on many different career paths. These career outcomes showcase the impressive success of our Class of 2019 graduates, just six months post-graduation.

of graduates are employed or have attended graduate school within six months of graduation*
are at a post-graduation internship
of graduates are working in the family business
have started their own business

*Of the 99% who are employed or continuing education, 30% are pursuing an advanced degree.

Dawn Watson

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to career development. By developing yourself from every angle, with the Hult careers team as your guide, your goals can gain the strategy and support needed to lead to your success.”
Dawn Gallt Watson
Head of Careers

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Application Support

Application Process

Your child’s Hult journey is unique and will be personalized to them. This starts the day they get in touch with us and continues through graduation—and beyond. The application process will be no exception.

You’ll have a dedicated enrollment advisor to guide you and your family through the application process. They’ll advise you on finances, scholarships, campus locations, and how to apply. You’ll also have a visa coordinator who’ll work closely with your child to ensure your safe arrival to campus. Our team of international education specialists is here to ensure your preparation for college is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Students at Ashridge campus

Early Decision at Hult

Our earliest applicants are the ones with the most passion, dedication, and drive. When they show they are committed to coming to Hult—we show our commitment to them and their education. Learn more about the exciting opportunity for your child to earn both their bachelors and their masters degree at no additional tuition cost to them.

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Nour Abdelaziz on London campus

“I applied to six other schools but the thing that stood out to me the most about Hult was the super personal touch. My enrollment advisor was with me from step one. She was like a helpful friend that guided me through each stage, from application to visa process to housing options. I even met her at an Accepted Students Dinner and she was lovely! Having someone real to help me prepare everything, chat to my parents—they had lots of questions—and support me through my entire journey to Hult, I felt at home before I’d even arrived.”

**Nour Abdelaziz
Class of 2020

Boston campus

Connect with us

Our global enrollment team is always available to talk, answer your questions, and discuss your personal circumstances. Arrange a time that’s convenient for you.

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