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Recommend a friend to Hult

Recommend a friend

If you are a current student or alumni and you have friends or family members who want to make a real impact on the future of business, please introduce them to us.

Successful recommendations

As a Hult student or alumni, you know how to recognize the Hult DNA anywhere. That’s why we’re pleased to offer your recommendation a one-off 500 USD award towards their tuition fees with Hult International Business School.

And, thank you!

As a thank you for introducing them to Hult, you’ll also receive a 500 USD reward. It’ up to you whether to take the cash prize, or choose to help children in need by donating your reward to the charity, Kids First.

Please check the full terms and conditions on this page for eligibility.

Tell us more

Complete the form below to submit your student recommendation to a Hult program. Having trouble? Please use your Hult student email address, or the personal email you used for your application to Hult. Or reach out to us on

Thank you for submitting your Bring a Friend form.

A member of our team will be in touch with your friend soon.

FAQ’s and Conditions

Please note this program is only available to current students and alumni that recommend a friend or family member to a Hult program. Please read below for details before continuing with your application. For any questions please reach out to

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time without notice.

How does the program work?

All successful* nominees will receive a USD 500 one-time award towards their tuition fees and an application fee waiver with Hult International Business School.

In addition, to thank you for making the effort to recommend Hult, we will offer you a one-time 500 USD financial reward.

Alternatively, you can also choose to donate your 500 USD award to charity.

Please note both rewards will be valid for up to 2 (two) years after the moment of the recommendation through our online form, student survey or application page.

Will any recommendations not qualify for a reward?

Neither party would be eligible for this program:

  • if the student has already been referred by someone else
  • if the student has already submitted their application to Hult prior to your completion of this application
  • if the student is already an enrolled student
  • if the referrer is a part of the Global Ambassador program
  • if the referrer is attending/have been invited to represent Hult at an event as a current student or alumni
  • U.S. Federal regulations prohibit the payment of referral incentives for students eligible to receive U.S. Federal Aid. As such, U.S. Citizens and non-citizens eligible to receive Title IV benefits are not eligible to participate in Hult's referral program.
  • California law prohibits compensation to students in regard to the solicitation, referral, or recruitment of any person for enrollment in the institution. Therefore, currently enrolled students at Hult San Francisco are not eligible to participate in Hult’s referral program.
  • Referees attending virtual programs are not eligible to be recompensed.
  • Alumni are not eligible to be recommended if returning for a second program.
  • Siblings are not eligible for the Referral program however they may be eligible for a Siblings Grant.

Recommendations made directly to Hult International Business School or one of its representatives or agents (verbally, for example) are much appreciated, but will not qualify for a reward unless they are made using the official Hult recommendation program application form above.

Current employees of Hult or EF Education First and any of its subsidiaries cannot be recompensed due to organizational policies.

What is the charity donation?

At Hult, we believe in the power of doing good. That's why we're offering you the option to choose to donate your reward to charity.

What's more, for every 500 USD we donate, Cultural Care Kids First Foundation will match the donation, meaning your actions can help donate 500 USD to charity.

What is KidsFirst?

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation’s mission is to enrich the lives of children in need. They strive to make a lasting difference by providing opportunities for education, culture, and recreation. Drawing on the strength of the global community of Cultural Care Au Pair, their goal is to create a brighter future for kids who need help around the world.

How will I receive my cash reward?

Once your recommendation has confirmed their seat on their program of choice, you will be able to claim the 500 USD cash reward. You will be asked to submit your bank details and the cash reward will be sent directly to you.

How do I become eligible?

For you to be eligible, the person you recommend must be accepted by the Hult International Business School Admissions Committee, and confirm their place onto a Hult degree program.

Who can I recommend?

You can recommend anyone you know that you think would benefit from, and be interested in, pursuing a degree program with Hult International Business School.

Who can make a recommendation?

All Hult/Ashridge/Arthur D Little/Huron/and EF students and alumni of our degree programs can recommend a contact to Hult International Business School through the Hult recommendation program. However, current employees of Hult or EF Education First and any of its subsidiaries cannot be recompensed due to organizational policies.