The 49th G7 summit was held last year in Hiroshima, with impactful outcomes for each of the seven participating nations. As we head into the 50th anniversary of this event, we look back on a cultural exchange between Japan and the UK. At the “Youth Caravan From Hiroshima—A G7 Hiroshima Summit”, students from UK universities including Hult London were flown into Hiroshima. There they engaged in lively, productive debates with their Japanese counterparts and presented ideas for radical change. 

The future is bright 

Organized and sponsored by the Japanese government in Hiroshima, its purpose was to unite two founding G7 nations through the ingenuity of youth. Hult’s representatives made us proud, and the legacy of the 49th G7 Summit in Hiroshima was honored. We spoke to two attendees from our London campus before they set off to Japan. Here’s what each was going to the summit to say: 

Beatrice Cantelli, Italy, Master’s in International Marketing  

Summit presentation 

During the summit, I will discuss how to promote international talent mobility for sustainable global growth. This will have a further focus on addressing diversity, skill immigration, and economic growth. The initiative aims to create policies and platforms that facilitate the movement of skilled workers worldwide. This should recognize their skills and experiences while benefiting both the individuals and the receiving countries.  

The central theme of my work highlights the importance of achieving a more equitable distribution of skills and talents. This fosters global interconnectedness, and country development—and mitigates the negative effects of brain drain.

Why the summit excites me 

I am truly excited about this project’s vision to enhance global talent mobility and promote mutual respect on a global scale. In our increasingly interconnected world, the need for international collaboration and the free movement of skilled workers is more critical than ever.  

This project can make a significant impact and create a legacy beyond the G7 Summit. It provides an opportunity to work together, creating a world where talent knows no borders. Such initiatives demonstrate the commitment of the younger generation to tackle global challenges with fresh ideas and unwavering dedication. I eagerly anticipate discussing this project with the delegation from Japan and contributing to its success in any way I can. 


Victoria Neumer, Germany, Master’s in International Business 

Summit presentation 

The project I’m presenting is called Cocon. It’s an online marketplace for students, helping them buy, sell, and rent things they need for a short time, like furniture. By doing this, we reduce waste during student move-outs, which helps protect the environment and biodiversity. Cocon was born out of a clear need to address the environmental challenges posed by waste generation during student move-outs. Our goal is to create a sustainable, circular economy within the stu

dent community, where items are reused and repurposed rather than discarded. 


My aims in Japan 

1.) I want to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration between the UK and Japan. Especially in the context of global youth-led projects or ventures related to sustainability and innovation. 

2.) Exchange innovative ideas and approaches related to entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social change. Brainstorm ways to create a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

3.) Lastly, I want to assess the significance of youth involvement in shaping the future and how young leaders can substantially impact on a global scale. 

Why the summit excites me  

I am genuinely excited about this project because it offers a platform for young leaders from diverse backgrounds to unite and collectively address global challenges. This initiative aligns with my commitment to positive change and resonates deeply with my passion for social entrepreneurship. The prospect of engaging in discussions with fellow delegates, especially those from Japan fills me with enthusiasm. 

Moreover, I see this opportunity as a gateway to foster cross-cultural connections and share innovative ideas. Together, we can explore solutions that transcend borders and create a more sustainable, inclusive future. This project holds the promise of not just dialogue but tangible action, which is the essence of true progress.  


Full presentations for the chosen delegates from Japan and the UK can be found on YouTube.