Our latest piece (with Professor Olaf Groth, Terence Tse, and Mark Esposito)

“Toward a New Global Russia” asserts that grouping Russia into the BRICs was a mistake.  The country is far adrift of the expectations it set in the early 2000s.  Its leadership now has to make important strategic choices that could put the nation on discretely different paths:  Will the country become the Saudi Arabia of Europe, albeit a much more acquisitive one, speculating on its oil and gas riches to finance expansion of contiguous landmass?  Or will it turn a corner toward reinvesting in much greater emphasis on strings of distributed geo-economic and science & technology assets, building on historical clusters of excellence?  In a world in which its reputation, relationship equity, natural and financial resources are increasingly pegged and finite, the time to decide is now.

Read the full article on the World Financial Review “Toward a New Global Russia: Leaving the BRICS behind”. Written by Olaf Groth, Professor of Management, Strategy, Innovation & Economics,  and Adjunct Professsors Mark Esposito and Terence Tse, at Hult International Business School

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