Our faculty are more than just professors. They are inspiring mentors with years of business experience to share. Every year, Hult students vote for the professor who’s had the greatest impact on them, so that we can recognize these faculty as part of our Graduation celebrations. Here we will take a closer look at each of the 2017 award winners and what makes them exceptional in the eyes of our students.

San Francisco—Masters in International Business program

The 2017 Professor of the Year Award for our Masters in International Business program, San Francisco campus, was awarded to Ted Ladd. Ted has a PhD in Sustainable Business Systems Design, an MBA from Wharton, and over 20 years in high-tech, venture capital-backed startups. Most recently, he was Director of a smartwatch company that was sold to Google and formed the foundation of its Android Wear operating system. He teaches Entrepreneurship for Hult’s Masters and Global One-Year MBA programs, and is our Global Research Lead. We sat down with Ted, who also teaches at Harvard University. to find out more about his Hult experience.


“What I learned in Ted’s class changed my everyday way of working. I now approach problems with a more structured framework and consider the long-term impact of solutions. This helps stakeholders to understand my proposals.”

-Ashirbad Ghosh, Indian, MIB Class of 2015

Product Quality Analyst, Facebook


Hi Ted. Congratulations on the award! Please tell us a bit about how your business experience informs your teaching style.

I use my experience in business to present students with scenarios that reflect the types of problems they’ll face as business professionals. Many of my tech startups have been based out of Silicon Valley. The culture there combines creativity, discipline, and hard work, and I endeavor to bring this into the classroom. Students share wisdom with each other, and this is the recipe that’s made Silicon Valley the global center of innovation. It’s the recipe that guides Hult students towards innovation in their education and careers.


“I endeavor to bring the culture of Silicon Valley into the classroom.”

-Ted Ladd, Professor of Entrepreneurship

What do you think differentiates Hult graduates?

Learning how to manage stakeholders across the globe is critical in business today. Teams who unlock the power of their diverse backgrounds out-perform others. This is why Hult’s diversity and global campus locations are so important—they create a unique learning experience for students so that when they graduate, they thrive.


How does student diversity make a difference in your classroom?

Very often, students in my classroom have direct experience in a particular region and industry that we are studying, and can provide rich contemporary context. For example, in the first week of class, we were discussing an Indonesian company that processes palm oil. One student had recently worked in Indonesia at a palm oil producer, and another worked for a company that transported Indonesian palm oil to other markets around the world! This really brings the subject to life for the class and provides invaluable real-world insight to the conversation.


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