More than just professors, our business-savvy faculty are supportive mentors who genuinely care about your Hult journey.  Join us for a closer look at each of the 2017 “Professor of the Year” award winners—as voted for by our students—and see how these accomplished individuals have come to define our distinctly different approach to business education.

Undergraduate program—Marketing

The Professor of the Year Award for our Undergraduate program, Marketing category, was awarded to Professor Momodou “Mo” Willan. Mo, who also teaches on Hult’s Masters programs across our London, Dubai, and Boston campuses, brings with him a PhD in Marketing from Middlesex University and years of professional marketing experience at the most senior level. As CEO of his own consultancy his clients have included Coca-Cola, The British Council, Nigeria National Petroleum Company, and The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Prior to this his roles included Acting CEO at The Gambia Mineral Water Company and Group Marketing Manager for West Africa for the French multinational firm Cement Françoise. A cherished member of the Hult family, Mo—who is also Senior Associate Dean on the London Undergraduate campus—has won this award every year since 2012!


“Mo is truly an expert on everything related to marketing. He takes the time to know each and every student and pushes them to achieve their goals. He provides relevant, real-life examples and goes out of his way to invite guest speakers to his lectures.”

-Alexandra Welch, Co-Founder, imPACKt farm,
Hult BBA Class of 2017


Hi Mo, Congratulations on winning the teaching award—for the sixth year running! So, what’s the secret to mastering marketing?!

Marketing is happening around us all day, every day. In order to help my students relate to the important issues we discuss in class, I draw on my professional experience to provide real organizational context and examples that will add a practical dimension to the discussion.

I also place huge emphasis on bringing in real corporate clients to all my courses, so that my students can apply learnt concepts in generating solutions for real business challenges. The rationale of this approach is to very early on expose students to the complexities of managerial decision making. I don’t look at my students as students—I look at them as future managers, because that’s what they are. From day one, I ask them to wear that hat and to think strategically about how they would respond to changes in the marketing environment and the implications of their marketing decisions on organizational performance. At Hult, you live what you study. That is how we prepare you.


“From day one, I look at my students not as students but as future managers, because that’s what they are. I ask them to wear that hat and to think strategically about how they would respond to changes in the marketing environment and the implications of their marketing decisions on organizational performance. At Hult, you live what you study. That is how we prepare you.”

-Dr. Mo Willan, Professor of Practice, Senior Associate Dean & Global Discipline Lead for Marketing


How would you describe your teaching style? 

My teaching style is very interactive and engaging—I am more of a facilitator of discussions and interactions, which allows students to take ownership and drive topical issues. I generate a positive atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable to ask questions, challenge assumptions, express their viewpoints, and feel safe enough to make mistakes. This all helps to develop a critical mindset.

And how does your global experience influence this?

I have worked in The Gambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, France, Dubai, USA, and England, and these experiences helped shape my understanding of how businesses operate in different parts of the world. Now I bring these experiences into the classroom and share them and worldview with students. It also helps me relate to our students, which is especially important when you consider that the Hult undergraduate program hosts over 120 different student nationalities!

Do you think the global perspective is crucial today?

Globalization is driving firms to expand their operations into all parts of the world and so successful employees today need a global mindset. It is crucial that business schools equip their students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies that will better prepare students for such global assignments. And with that I am proud to be a part of Hult—a bold, innovative, forward-thinking and global family that is reshaping the education space.


Thanks Mo, great chatting to you!

More about Mo

Courses Mo teaches at Hult

Marketing Planning and Strategy
Principles of Marketing
Global Strategy
Brand Management
Integrated Marketing Communications

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