Hult’s practitioner faculty come from over all over the world and range from CEOs and consultants to PhDs and entrepreneurs. In this series we interview each of the 2017 “Professor of the Year” award winners, as voted for by Hult students, to get a glimpse into what makes them exceptional at what they do.

Dubai—Executive MBA program & Boston—Masters in International Business program

The Professor of the Year Award for our Executive MBA program, Dubai campus, and Masters in International Business program, Boston campus, was awarded to Professor of Finance Dr. Gonzalo Chavez. Gonzalo teaches on Hult’s EMBA, MBA, and Masters programs across the Boston, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York City campus locations. Professor Chavez has worked as a consultant in firm valuation and has counseled interest groups on the use of derivative instruments for risk hedging purposes. His teaching experience spans the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Gulf Region, Asia, and Australia. He has been affiliated with the Instituto Tecnologico de Mexico, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Chile, Instituto de Empresa in Spain, Babson College in the U.S., and now teaches full-time at Hult. Professor Chavez’s research focus has resulted in published work that covers both practitioner and academic journals. Recent work includes transparency and financial crises in emerging and developed markets, and the resilience of microfinance institutions in crises conditions.

Hi Gonzalo. Congratulations on this teaching award! What would you say constitutes an effective teaching style?

In my view, an effective teaching style combines enthusiasm, intuition, and the use of technology to support learning. The professor needs to be the most enthusiastic person in the room. Being passionate about what you’re teaching encourages others to get excited too. I’m also a strong believer in Hult’s emphasis on putting theory into practice. Formulas can be memorized or looked up, but their correct application can only be considered useful once they are intuitively understood.

What would you say are the key lessons that business school students need to master today?

Adaptability is a necessary skill for almost any endeavor, whether you work for yourself, for others, are a student or a teacher. It is immensely enriching to be exposed to and to try to understand different points of view and realities. Hult covers many cultures and realities. And the fact that we have a real global presence through our campuses makes for a deeper and more meaningful multicultural learning environment—for both students and professors.

“Hult covers many cultures and realities. And the fact that we have a real global presence through our campuses makes for a deeper and more meaningful multicultural learning environment.”

-Dr. Gonzalo Chavez, Professor of Finance

And how is this important in the context of Hult’s diverse global classroom?

Hult personifies adaptability. Any educational experience has the potential to expand a person’s knowledge and capabilities. Now think about how much more can be achieved if this same educational experience is provided with a global footprint. Every time we are exposed to a new and different culture or point of view, our horizons are enhanced in unforeseen and exciting ways.

Lastly, how would you describe Hult students?

Our students are interactive, pragmatic, and enthusiastic. They are always very willing to improve themselves and make the most of their learning experience. Working with students from over 150 different nationalities and cultures makes for a challenging—and truly wonderful—opportunity to re-learn how to teach!

We couldn’t agree more! Many thanks Gonzalo!


More about Gonzalo Chavez

Courses Gonzalo teaches at Hult

Financial Management
Corporate Finance
International Finance
Quantitative Methods
Research Methods

Gonzalo’s academic and notable achievements

PhD in Finance – University of Houston


Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering

Academic and applied research published in many international journals, including:

The Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies, Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice.

Case reviewer for the Journal of Financial Education




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