Written by Sophia Fries, Global Ambassador and undergraduate student, Class of 2018.

While Boston is known for being the “The Cradle of Liberty” and for its rich history, this summer during rotation, I found out that Boston isn’t just a city, and that Hult Boston isn’t just a school—it’s a family.

“I found out that Boston isn’t just a city, and that Hult Boston isn’t just a school—it’s a family”.

Summer Rotation is all about experiencing new cultures, exploring new cities and making new friends. My choice to rotate to Boston was about more than just Boston’s history and because it was a new destination on Hult’s undergraduate rotation program. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and moved abroad when I was one. I grew up in Cologne, Germany. It was always a dream of mine ever since being a kid to study back in my hometown—the town where my family and a piece of my heart is. I knew that Hult was already famous for its Masters programs in Boston since that is where the school was founded years ago—first known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management—and the location of the original Hult campus.

Hult Boston campus’ light-filled atrium.

For summer rotation, I joined with 21 students from London and San Francisco’s UG campuses, to study at the Boston campus. The campus is exquisitely designed. It is situated right on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge.  The location has an amazing view of the Boston skyline, the Charles River, the Tobin Bridge, the “salt and pepper” bridge and the TD Garden (home of the Boston Celtics champion basketball team). Inside, the campus building is full of light and incredibly spacious. There are many rooms to study, ample classrooms and assembly rooms. In addition, the campus has not only kitchens but also a games room and a relaxing area for all students to hang out before and after class. Lingo, the downstairs cafeteria, serves many different international foods every day and it was lovely having this so close by. I have many fond memories from Boston because the staff and the “vibe” on campus is so relaxed. Everyone in Boston—the students, professors, and staff—were fantastic and as I said before, Boston is not just a city, it is a family. And that came to life as we all bonded during the summer rotation.

Enjoying a visit to TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics.

“…the staff and the ‘vibe’ on campus is so relaxed. Everyone in Boston—all of the students, professors, and staff—were fantastic.”

Sophia’s summer rotation experience at Hult Boston is one that she will never forget.

I took the courses “Marketing Planning & Strategy” with Mo Willan and “Corporate Responsibility” with Dr. Shelly Mitchell, (who teaches at the Masters campus at Hult and at the University of New Hampshire). Both professors and their classes were wonderful. During the course, we had the opportunity as part of the class to work with a great startup company called “Invisawear.” It was a very demanding but rewarding experience in that the company took almost all of our suggestions that we presented to them into consideration when updating their marketing materials. The project led to us having a great experience and lots of fun shooting a marketing video and doing a photo shoot with people from all around the world.

London is my home campus and has many similarities to Boston; they are both professional, upbeat, and with a lot to offer. I would say the main difference between the two campuses is Boston’s size, the architecture, location of the campus and, of course, the flavor of the city.

“Boston was an experience that I won’t forget for many reasons…”

Boston was an experience that I won’t forget for many reasons. Not just because it was the first time I went to an NBA playoff game, ate at so many different restaurants or had a great time with new friends. It was memorable because we all chose to make the most out of this opportunity. I loved being back and it not only helped me fulfill my childhood dream but also allowed me to grow as a person with all these amazing people next to and supporting me. It also allowed me to travel to Maine and New Hampshire to visit my family and to watch the Tall Ships for the first time in Boston. For these reasons and many, many more I would definitely recommend to anyone considering doing a summer rotation to study at Hult Boston.


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