Meet Asha: Hult’s new mascot.

Her instincts help her sniff out potential, her experience teaches her what to pursue, and her pack offers guidance in unfamiliar territory. What some might attribute to luck or chance, she’s prepared to see as opportunity.

How does she do it? Where does she come from? Why is she here? We sat down with Asha for a Q&A to discover more.


Asha Hult Mascot

So, Asha, the question on everyone’s mind is: why is there a leaf on your head?

It’s funny you ask it in that way. What’s on your mind when opportunity lands?

Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind,” and this is what the Hult education is all about: preparing you to be able to recognize and seize opportunity, whatever shape it comes in.

So, put simply, the leaf represents opportunity.


Can you expand on that some more?

The leaf also symbolizes the transient nature of opportunity: there one minute, gone the next.

Some view opportunity as luck, some ephemeral thing that one has to be quick to grab when it randomly lands. And if that’s true, then all we have control over is how we react when that opportunity presents itself.

What mindset do we need to be able to see and seize that chance?


We’re a business school: why have a mascot?

You know, it’s my job to give all you fully-developed, well-rounded business people a way to interact with the lighter side of Hult and to experience its virtues playfully.

I serve as an extension of you, to help you remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to encourage balance even in our most serious pursuits. In my opinion, the real question is: why haven’t you had a mascot sooner?


The Hult student body voted on a wolf as our mascot, but you’re unlike what we normally see.

I mean, Hult isn’t your “normal” business school, is it? You’re not here for “average.”

As you might’ve noticed, we are not home to an aggressive sports team (nor are we overcompensating for anything), so why bother with clichéd and outdated expressions of wolfish adrenaline?


Yes, let’s talk about your design.

It’s a smart and thoughtful approach. There is something about me that suggests a larger story, and opens a door to discussing Hult’s mission.

The black and white line drawing was specifically selected because it is the art style of every innovator in the world who put pencil to paper to create the first sketch, the new idea.

The art style is about as “sophisticated” as a cartoon character can be, if I say so myself. I don’t have exaggerated features, I’m true to scale. But I also look at you with inner strength and intelligence.


So, what are the traits that define you? What do you stand for?

I represent the same traits as any Hult student: an interest in the world, an open mind, a bold spirit, a creative intellect, and a resourceful attitude. Think of me as a totem for these values, a reminder every time you see my muzzle.


And where can we expect to see you?

You’ll start to see my swag around campus, and they’ll be making introductions at Campus Town Halls, but my big debut comes later this semseter.

Stay tuned for more info!

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