Hult Boston is not only in the education hub of the world, it is also in one of the nation’s most fanatical sports cities. Students are quick to immerse themselves in this culture with frequent trips to the many stadiums that are home to some of the world’s most famous sports teams – the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Bruins, and, of course, the Celtics. For some students, being a fan isn’t where the love of sports stops. Careers in sports marketing, management, and business are of particular interest on the Boston campus.

Earlier this spring, Hult Boston students received an exclusive opportunity to attend the Boston Celtics Career in Sports Speaker Series at the TD Garden stadium in Boston. Students heard from Peter Stringer, Senior Director of Digital Media; Ted Dalton, Senior VP of Corporate Partnerships and Business Development; and Ian Frenette, VP of Corporate Partnership Sales. Each shared experiences from their career journey, highlighted the importance of networking, and gave valuable insights into how to take advantage of each opportunity presented to you, as well as seeking out your own.

Edward Canada, an MBA student, said: “I was interested to interact with members of the Celtics team, as I would love to have a position in sports management. I was eager to hear about the unique selling points of the Celtics brand, and it was good to get more personalized message from people within the organization about how they got into their current positions.”

“I learned that networking was key to their success, and that maintaining relationships, even after they had secured jobs, enabled them to get to their current positions.”

Following the event, students enjoyed watching the Celtics in action as they battled the New York Knicks.

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