What first comes to your mind when you hear the word “finance”? It could be money, stocks, power… or all of these rolled into one: Wall Street.

The Hult Boston Finance Club leadership board wanted to take the opportunity to see and learn about the history and future of finance firsthand, by touring the famous Wall Street. The goal was to understand its journey from the days as a street bazaar in the 18th century to the greatest financial center in the world, and which companies are most successful, how they got there, and what innovations helped shape the landscape of Wall Street today.

When planning a big trip, the Finance Club President and MBA candidate Everton Assis, from Brazil, couldn’t help but think of Wall Street in New York City. “Wall Street is an icon of modern finance, an inspirational place for finance and business professionals around the globe, and it’s only a 3-5 hour drive from our campus.” The club took its members and other interested students on a tour of the American Museum of Finance and of Wall Street.

Everton reflected on things he learned during this uniquely Hult Boston experience, “We found that nowadays the New York Stock Exchange is almost an empty environment due to highly computerized trading… and the finance industry is shaped by busts and bubbles, as opposed to a linear progress over the years.” MBA students also have the opportunity to study at Hult in New York over the summer, something members of the Finance Club are considering.

The volatility of the finance world means there is a chance of failure, but there is also room for great accomplishments.

The trip was ideal for those in finance looking to get a better understanding of one of the world’s financial capitals, how business is done currently, and the turbulent past that this great financial city has had. Everton says his MBA “has been extraordinary to give me a broader perspective about other business areas, and how to understand the big picture before making decisions. My goal after [graduation] is to take my career to the next level, going for a leadership position in a multinational firm in the US or Brazil.”

The Hult Boston Finance Club aspires to be a reference point for understanding and sharing knowledge about the finance industry, organizing speakers, events, and meetings for members on campus. Some of their upcoming events include Finance Movie Nights, a Speaker Series with experienced CFOs, and Senior Advisors Sessions.

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