Early this morning (or late in the day, depending on your time zone), Hult Labs grabbed a steaming cup of coffee and welcomed Professors of Change Management, Adam Carstens and Steve Hurley, to Hult’s first-ever Tweetup on leading change (#leadchange). Both professors tackled some burning questions on how to lead change effectively, what matters most, and why failure can be a really good thing (Professor of Marketing Ben Hart chimed in, too).

If you missed the exchange, fear not. We storified the Tweetup so you can catch up on some Tweet-sized pearls of wisdom—and trust us, you don’t want to miss it. Employers have told us that change management skills are essential in today’s ever-evolving workplace, and Professors Carstens and Hurley boiled down some critical elements for you to keep in mind—whether you are a newbie or have some experience leading change. So if you are about to launch a change initiative, or are currently part of one, check out the transcript. And if you’ve got some additional questions, leave a comment (below), and we’ll get you some answers.


#LeadChange Tweetup

Photo courtesy of Marsmetn Tallahassee.

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