Are you about to kick off your Hult journey? Or maybe you are thinking about your future and where to study? Hult offers a truly transformational experience where you’ll do business, not just study it. To get you excited about joining us, four of our 2022 graduates, who studied at different campuses, have a message for you and share the lessons they learned throughout their Hult experience. Let’s get into it … 

Zachary Benetatos, Bachelor of Business Administration, London, Class of 2022, American 

What are the three things you wish you had known before jumping on a plane and heading to Hult? 

“It’s not about being the best. It’s about finding the right balance between your activities and work. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon!”

“You will meet incredibly remarkable classmates at Hult throughout the years. It’s essential not to ever compare yourself to them. Each of us is on a unique journey. Just because your classmate sitting next to you started four business ventures from when he was straight out of high school does not mean he is any more intelligent than you are.”

“Stop obsessing about getting the ultimate internship or job.”

What are the three things you learned during your program? 

“Character and reputation are everything—be humble. Be the person your clients and teammates want to have a coffee with and speak about their weekend.”

“Being “adaptable” differs from “thriving in ambiguity.” Even if you do not know every detail about a project at school or work, approach it with a growth mindset and ask questions. Eventually, it will all work out.”

“Be conscious of where you spend your time and energy.  Surround yourself with individuals who challenge your thoughts because they will be the ones to push you to greater heights.”

How would you describe your Hult journey in three words? 

“Experiential, meaningful, and extraordinary.”

Haddijatou Senghore, Bachelor of Business Administration Business, London, Class of 2022, Gambian  

Three things you wish you had known before heading to Hult? 

“Be open to new experiences, don’t feel trapped by imposter syndrome, and leave expectations at home. The only thing I regret in my Hult journey is not making enough memories. I had a tough time opening up to new experiences. Comparing myself to other students made me doubt my skills and is one thing I would have changed. The best way to enjoy Hult is to get involved and be open-minded.”   

Three things you learned during your time here?

“I learned that everyone is unique. Realizing that I am different in my own way through the challenges I have encountered at Hult helped me highlight my strengths and weaknesses. Learning new things and stepping out of my comfort zone enabled me to become open-minded. Now that I’m leaving Hult, it excites me to know that I did not just earn a degree. I gained connections and acquired skills to help me thrive in the professional world.”

Your Hult journey in three words? 

“Challenging, fun, and diverse.”

Tanisha Bhutra, Master’s in International Business, Dubai, Class of 2022, Indian  

What are the three things you wish you had known before jumping on a plane and heading to Hult last September? 

“I wish I had known about the campus tour, connected with my classmates, and become familiar with the course materials before I arrived.”

Top lessons learned during this past year? 

“I learned how to network and be more open to opportunities.”

How would you describe your Hult journey in three words? 

“Unprecedented, valuable, and enriching.”

Tabitha Michael, Master’s in International Marketing, London, Class of 2022, Nigerian 

Three things you wish you had known before heading to Hult? 

“I wish I knew student accommodation was much cheaper and budget-friendly than renting an apartment in London. 

“The level of stress that comes with working with different groups for every class wasn’t something I anticipated or prepared for. 

“To stay up to date with the student’s page notifications and announcements. It took me a while, so I missed many social and career events.” 

Three things you learned during this past year? 

“The importance of networking: I had trouble connecting with people as I was shy to approach them. Now, I can engage in meaningful conversations with anyone, stranger or not.

“Teamwork and collaboration: Working with groups was difficult for me in the first few months of starting school since I usually fight my own battles. I found it challenging to work with people. It’s a good thing I was able to improve on this and learn how to work in a group effectively even under difficult circumstances.

“Self-discovery: The experience helped me learn more about my strengths and allowed me to work harder on my weaknesses. The culture was open-minded—learning from others, making decisions, and improving. It is bliss for me since I enjoy learning and growing. I know I have become a better version of myself.”

Your Hult journey in three words? 

“Educational, adventurous, and challenging.”

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