Written by the Undergraduate Class of 2017, Hult San Francisco and London campus.

The time has come again to bid fair winds and following seas to the graduating class of Hult’s undergraduate program  in whichever campus they chose to call home. Then again, it can be a little confusing for the #GlobalGeneration graduates at Hult to call any single place “home”. In our time at Hult International Business School, we’ve met and made friends with people who hail from every corner of the world—we’ve got more than 123 nationalities represented and over 80 languages spoken. Admittedly, it can be a little difficult to keep track of who’s from where.

Regardless of where we’re from, our fellow undergraduate graduates from both the London and San Francisco campuses have a few words of advice—from one global generation to the next.


“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and express the ideas that you have”

Take advantage of your location

“My words of encouragement or rather my tip would be to look around you, you’re in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley! Take advantage of the numerous opportunities that surround you. What an amazing city to live in. A place where some of the greatest innovations and exceptional ideas are born. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and express the ideas that you have. Use your talents to your advantage. You never know, you could create the next ‘Big Thing’. Understand the value of teams, because only in working together can we bring our ideas to flourish.”

—Kimberley Marumahoko
Zimbabwean, San Francisco campus

“Be open to new experiences all the time.”

Stay open to experiences

“Hult has been one of the best experiences in my life. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. I would recommend you to be open to new experiences all the time to get to know as many interesting people as possible. San Francisco is an amazing city full of opportunities but you have to be constantly looking for them. Have fun and I’m looking forward to meeting you all one day!”

—Alex Young
Argentinian, San Francisco campus

Hult students work with live clients through corporate challenges and the Hult Business Challenge. This year they had the opportunity to work with Amazon Launchpad.

Challenge yourself

“My motivation to start a career in consulting grew with each of the three projects I worked on as a student consultant in the Hult challenges. Not only do I know now what I am truly passionate about but I also made friends for life. I encourage you to challenge yourself and to try out new things. You never know where they might lead you.”

—Sandra Goersch
German, San Francisco campus

“You’ll likely meet some awesome people and grow your network, even when you’re traveling.”

Travel and expand your network

“Although I’d be the first to tell you to take advantage of the Bay Area’s startup ecosystem and to attend as many events you can, I’d also say make sure you set aside time to explore the state. Northern California is beautiful, and there’s not much I can think of that beats a road trip down Highway 1 with some friends, or a day trip to Point Reyes, or even a weekend in Lake Tahoe. And the best thing is, if you stay at a shared Airbnb or stop by a couple of events on the way, you’ll likely meet some awesome people and grow your network even when you’re traveling.”

—Tobias Mikalsen
Norwegian, San Francisco campus

“Set weekly goals, accept a friend’s invitation, and explore the city you’re in while you can.”

Make every moment count

“As cliché as it sounds, make every moment count. Your time at Hult will fly by so fast! You may suddenly catch yourself smile while reminiscing each year you spent at Hult. Set weekly goals, accept a friend’s invitation, and explore the city you’re in while you can. I’m glad to say that I kept an open mind throughout my time at Hult. Not only did I have a lot of memorable moments, but also room for personal growth. Now, turn those ‘what if’s’ you have to ‘what’s next?’”

—Bettina Gonzaga
Filipino, San Francisco campus

“Develop your skills, there are so many opportunities you can take advantage of that are outside of class.”

Get out of your comfort zone

“This is your chance to discover what you want to pursue, what are you passionate about. Start joining clubs and societies, get that dream internship or work in your startup. Get engaged!
Work on your self-discipline: you will regret leaving that paper until the last-minute. Develop your skills, there are so many opportunities you can take advantage of that are outside of class. This might sound overwhelming, so find a good time balance that works for you. Do not miss out on your friends!”

—Maria Abraham
Venezuelan, London campus

Hult Prize is the biggest social entrepreneurship competition started by Hult MBA alumnus Ahmad Ashkar. Teams from all over the world come up with a business idea to solve a pressing issue that the word is facing.

Embrace the new and unknown

“Step out of your comfort zone and always challenge yourself. That’s the only way to learn. It’s normal being overwhelmed by a new and unknown environment. I was scared when I first came to London and I used to stay where the comfort was. I realized I was letting so many opportunities that Hult was giving me pass me by. So I opened myself to those opportunities and challenged myself. This means taking some risk and uncertainty but it will also lead you to a real personal growth and prepare you for what is coming after graduation.”

—Natalia Zhang
Spanish, London campus

“Be active in the community. Grow your mindset, learn new things, and broaden your horizon.”

Be an active part of the Hult community

“By participating in the Hult community, the clubs, societies, class projects or other social activities, you get to know people from various cultures and backgrounds, which will not only teach you a lot but also makes you grow your mindset, learn new things, and broaden your horizon. After all, this is what makes Hult so special and what will make your experience an unforgettable one.”

—Melina Kelner
Swiss, London campus

“Get to know the professors and ask questions.”

Use your time in class productively

“Use your time in class to get to know the professors and ask questions whenever you need help, because the students-to-staff ratio is one of the main advantages you get while studying at Hult, compared to other schools. Use it.”

—Mokki Kadiric
Norwegian, London campus

“Everyone around you and every experience you go through is your teacher.”

Embrace the growth mindset

“In my time at Hult, we’ve been inculcated with the growth mindset. Something that is part of the Hult DNA and sets us apart. To truly excel at Hult and beyond, you’d need to embrace the growth mindset instead of the fixed mindset. Always ask yourself, what can I learn from this experience and how can I be better. Everyone around you and every experience you go through is your teacher.”

—Sarveen Chester
Singaporean, London campus

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