Skills Development

You’ll be assessed throughout your program on the essential mindsets and skills that make an exceptional businessperson—and what matters most to employers. This means you can focus on enhancing your performance in challenges, rather than just memorizing facts for exams. Capture every step in your digital portfolio—ready to showcase all your achievements from your Hult journey.

Continual Assessment

Ongoing support to keep you growing

Tutorials and workshops

The BBA weaves the development of essential skills and mindsets seamlessly throughout your whole program with specialization modules focused on building your professional skills. Every module includes tailored tutorials and workshops to help you thrive in your challenge—and beyond.

Personal dashboard

Keep track of your progress in your personalized online dashboard. The skills rubric encourages the natural learning process by encouraging learning by trial and error in the beginning and gets increasingly demanding as you progress through the program—so you’ll keep growing.

This example shows how your "Growth mindset" might look over time.

In addition to support from your professors, you’ll be assigned your own personal career development coach. You’ll meet for 1-2-1 sessions multiple times per semester to connect your progress up with your career goals. Your coach will help you understand your progression map, maximize your strengths, improve or mitigate your weaknesses, and consider how this all affects your career map—not to mention, they’ll be by your side to keep you motivated and on track.

All your experience and achievements will be recorded in an online business portfolio, which will provide concrete examples to share with employers. Everything from project management planning, a TEDx talk, or a digital marketing campaign can be captured here to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of your degree and showcase your mastery of business skills.


Your mindset will determine your success

You’ll quickly discover that the right mindset is key to unlocking a whole world of possibilities. Hult graduates set themselves apart as resilient, global, self-aware, ethical leaders—empowered to benefit society as well as their own careers and lives.

Hult mindsets

    Global mindset

    Growth mindset

    Self-aware mindset

    Entrepreneurial mindset

    Ethical mindset

    Core Skills

    Your human skills are what set you apart

    Nail the "soft" skills that will set you apart from computers—and future-proof your career in an increasingly automated world. These are the foundational skills that you'll be able to depend on throughout the lifespan of your career, from your first role upon graduation to leading a company as its CEO.

    Core skills



      Critical thinking


      Learning to learn

      Professional Skills

      Gain technical skills that are in demand today

      Our data analysis, conducted in partnership with Burning Glass Technologies, revealed the skills most in-demand with global employers worldwide. We’ve made sure we cover them all. From specialized modules in social media and CRM to procurement and project management, you can ensure your skillset ticks all the boxes when it comes to securing a job for the career you want.

      Example professional skills taught

      • Procurement

      • Financial Reporting

      • Project Management

      • Basic Programming

      • Prospecting

      • Customer Service

      • Sales & Business Development

      • Customer Relations

      • Management Systems

      • Social Media

      • Research

      • Budgeting

      • Data Analysis

      • Accounting

      • Time Management

      • Forecasting

      • Process Improvement

      What our students say

      Business is everywhere, from the smartphone in our hands to the socks on our feet. Once you understand the fundamentals, you see the world differently.

      Abdul-Malik "Ba Ba" Toure


      Class of 2022

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