Hult Future Leaders Challenge

Welcome to the Hult Future Leaders Challenge—where teams of high school students from all corners of the globe will participate in 11 weeks of ideation, teamwork, and challenge-based learning with a live client brief from Dolce&Gabbana.

2024 Challenge

Renowned luxury fashion house Dolce&Gabbana has joined forces with Hult International Business School to present this year's exciting live client challenge. This competition will hone your teamwork skills as you develop innovative solutions to key business challenges faced by Dolce&Gabbana Beauty.

The official competition will be held from October to December 2024.

Registration is now open, so start signing up your teams!

Group work

The Client

Founded in 1985, Dolce&Gabbana has become synonymous with Italian luxury and style, extending its influence beyond fashion to include a prestigious line of beauty products.

From their iconic fragrances to high-quality cosmetics, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty epitomizes elegance and sophistication.

This challenge offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of a brand celebrated for its creativity and timeless appeal.

What you'll learn

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Business fundamentals

Broaden your business knowledge through a series of Masterclasses and Virtual Skills Lab sessions. Connect with world-class Hult professors on the latest topics and trends through live interactive workshops.

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Teamwork & collaboration

Build a better understanding of yourself and your ability to work as a team through Hult's mentorship and team coaching. Gain in-demand skills and leverage your team’s unique experiences to get results.

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Presentation skills

Learn how to tell compelling stories that communicate your ideas and inspire others. Whether it's sharing your thoughts with your team, connecting with the client, or doing a presentation.

Client consulting

Gain industry insight and professional experience as you work in teams to solve some of the biggest challenges facing global companies today and pitch your ideas to industry experts.

The Journey

Working in teams of four to six students, the Hult Future Leaders Challenge will take your team on an 11-week journey of challenge-based learning.

All teams will participate in the first four weeks of the challenge. During week five, all proposals will be assessed and successful proposals will progress to weeks six and seven. After the live regional presentations, teams will again be assessed during week eight.

The top 10 teams will advance to the final four weeks, which end with our live global finals.

Weeks One to Four: Let the challenge begin!

Week 1

Challenge launch & client brief

Hear directly from representatives from Dolce&Gabbana on the problem that your team will try to solve. Pay special attention to your brief to ensure your team has all the information you need to be successful.

October 2, 2024
Week 2

Who's your customer?

Learn more about customer personas and how brands use them to market their products to the right audience.

October 9, 2024
Week 3

Understanding the luxury market

Now that you know your customer personas, it's time to learn more in-depth about the individual customer. What are their needs and pain points? How can your product make their lives easier?

October 16, 2024
Week 4

First submissions and feedback

Initial Submissions Due: October 18

Feedback: October 23

October 18-23, 2024

Weeks Five to Eight: Road to Regionals

Week 5

Bringing ideas to life: Turning concepts into reality

Get ready to explore how to turn ideas into real business solutions.

October 30, 2024
Week 6

Client session

It's time to check-in with your client. During this session, you will take a deeper look into Dolce&Gabbana's beauty brand.

November 6, 2024
Week 7

Neuromarketing and its impact

Get ready to explore neuromarketing, a fascinating blend of brain science and marketing.

November 13, 2024
Week 8

Effective storytelling

Enhance your presentation skills with this session on effective storytelling.

November 20, 2024

Weeks Eight to Eleven: Heading to the Finals

Week 8

Semi-final presentations

Lights, Camera, Action!

Each team has 5 minutes to presents their proposal. 15 slides maximum.

November 23, 2024
Week 9

Post-presentation feedback

After the semi-final presentations, our coaches will provide your teams with feedback and inform you whether you have made it to the final.

November 27, 2024
Week 10

How to build an integrated proposal

During this session, you will delve into the process of crafting an integrated proposal to help solve a problem.

December 4, 2024
Week 11

Practice your pitch

You've done the work so now let's take time to prepare. You'll get 1:1 time with one of our professors to practice your presentation and receive feedback.

December 11, 2024

Week Eleven: The Finals

Week 11

Finalist presentations

The big day is here!

After all of the teams have presented the winner will be announced.

December 14, 2024

The Mentors

Throughout your journey, you will be mentored by world-class Hult professors on the latest topics and trends through a series of Masterclasses and Virtual Skills Lab sessions.

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"The students really enjoyed the challenge and I think it gave them a taste of working in marketing."

Kelly Elan
College Counselor at Lotissement Le Park Alarobia

"We hope to continue working with Hult in future challenges."

Jimena Obiols
College Counselor at Colegio Interamericano

Mona Dhillon

“At its core, the Hult Future Leaders Challenge reflects our educational philosophy as a business school—putting doing at the center of learning.”

Mona Dhillon
Executive Vice President and Provost
Hult International Business School

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