The Future of Finance

January 15-20, 2024

The future of finance is a transformative wave powered by technology, reshaping how we manage money, invest, and access financial services. Innovations like blockchain, AI, and fintech promise efficiency, accessibility, and security, democratizing access to capital and fostering global financial inclusion.

Join us online, for an inspiring week of finance. We have captivating speakers, interactive workshops, and virtual and in-person sessions. Please register for the sessions you're interested in.

What's Included

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Expert Talks

Join industry leaders and subject matter experts as they share their insights, wisdom, and groundbreaking ideas. Learn, grow, and be inspired by the thinkers shaping the future.

Program Overview

Discover how our master's and MBA programs can elevate your career, develop your skills, and empower you to achieve your professional goals.

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Virtual Open Houses

Step into our virtual campus and meet the deans, career services, and student services team.

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Alumni & Student Panels

Get a firsthand look at the journeys and achievements of our students and alumni as they share their experiences and success stories.

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Careers Lab

Join Nav Dutta, Head of Career Development & Corporate Relations to discover the comprehensive range of resources and guidance essential for achieving your professional objectives.

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Sample Classes

Whether you're an aspiring finance professional or someone seeking to strengthen your financial acumen, these sessions provide the foundational knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic world of finance.

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Business Challenges

Embark on a transformative journey of financial innovation and strategy in collaboration with our finance professor! Are you ready to tackle real-world financial challenges and develop innovative solutions that drive business success?

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Preparation Seminars

Are you gearing up for the next steps in your academic journey? Whether it's mastering the GMAT or perfecting your application, we've got you covered. Join us to gain insights, solve queries, and ace every step of your educational pursuit.


Monday, January 15, 2024

Expert Talks

The Future of Finance with Professor Paul Ann

Tune in and discover the unparalleled insights of our professor as he dives into the captivating realm of finance's future on our Voice of Hult, exclusive podcast! Gain a front row seat to a dynamic discussion illuminating the path toward a more inclusive, sustainable, and technologically-driven financial future. Tune in, learn, and envision the future with us.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Finance | Master's

Master’s in Finance: Gain the practical skills necessary to tackle the complex world of corporate financial management in an interconnected global economy with Hult’s one-year Master's in Finance, a highly in-demand STEM degree.

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Finance | MBA

Boston-NYC Finance MBA: Prepare to lead in the elite field of finance as you master knowledge and skills on the ground in the management and financial capitals of the US—Boston and New York.

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Management | Full-Time MBA

Hult’s MBA programs have been designed to develop the skills most in-demand with employers worldwide. So you’ll graduate with the practical skills, applicable knowledge, and effective mindsets to transform your life and career.

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Business | Part-Time MBA Options: Executive and Online MBA

Join us for an insightful session on the part-time MBA options available at Hult. Whether you're considering an Executive MBA to elevate your leadership skills or an Online MBA for flexibility, we'll explore the opportunities that can shape your career and aspirations.

Business Challenge - Sample Class for MEA/SA

Business Challenge: Using Consumer Insight to Drive Product Innovation

Join Professor Alex Reeve to understand how to utilize consumer insights for Advancing Product Innovation. We'll explore: Techniques for understanding consumer decision-making and crafting ideas from these insights to satisfy customer desires and needs, fostering a competitive edge

Virtual Open House

San Francisco Campus Discovery Day

Join us for Hult's Virtual Campus Discovery Day: San Francisco. Hear from Hult's campus staff and faculty as you learn about the academics at Hult. Discover life as a student, what the campus looks like today, and have all of your questions answered.

Wednesday, JANUARY 17, 2024

Sample Class - Go-MBA

How Has Fintech Changed the Financial Services Landscape?

Join Professor Terence Tse as he'll explore fintech and its impact on the financial services sector. They range from challenger banks to decentralized finance through tokenization. In this short sample class, he'll go on a quick tour of the various changes that current fintech companies have brought to the market, allowing for the development of some first insights into this ever-expanding topic.

Program Overview

So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

Innovation and entrepreneurial skills are a must-have for a successful new venture. They're also highly sought-after in existing organizations. The Hult Master's in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a hands-on program that focuses on launching high-growth ventures by taking on real-world business challenges that are integrated into your entire program.

Virtual Open House

London Campus Discovery Day

Join us for a virtual tour of the Hult London campus led by our very own Dean, Ian Dougal. Get a firsthand look at our campus, meet our staff, and explore our state-of-the-art facilities, all from the comfort of your own space.

Sample Class - Asia

The Wonders, Dangers, and Future of AI

AI becomes integral to global business, it poses a critical question: should we be excited, worried, or both?

Join Professor Patrick Lynch as he delves into how AI is revolutionizing industries, particularly in education and business, showcasing its immense potential for enhancing human capability and creativity.

Virtual Open House

Boston Campus Discovery Day

Join us for Hult Boston's Virtual Campus Discovery Day. Hear from the campus team, learn about the academics at Hult, life as a student, and what the campus looks like today.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Prep Seminars - Go-MBA

Application Workshop

Are you applying to Hult's Global Online MBA Degree?

Our enrollment team is hosting an exclusive application workshop for you. In this workshop, you will learn about Hult's application process, our Global Online MBA Degree, and how to make a strong application. You will also have the opportunity to ask your final questions before submitting your application.

Business Challenge - Sample Class

Score Your Success: The Ultimate Guide to Venture Valuation & Exit Strategies!

Join Professor Paul Ahn in this live-client solution project. He will replicate one of his classes where he invites the CEO of an established venture firm (mid-sized with over 600 employees) to consult on a business plan with private equity valuation. The CEO utilizes our students' solutions to attract new VC investors or to sell off the business.

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Business Analytics

Learn how to master data-driven leadership in a global context. Dive into real-world challenges and gain critical knowledge throughout our MBAN, MiMA, and MIBA programs. We'll be joined by Hult's Professor Thomas Kurnicki.

Virtual Open House

Dubai Campus Discovery Day

Join us for a virtual tour of the Hult Dubai campus led by our very own Dean Namrata Kamath. Get a firsthand look at our campus, meet our staff, and explore our state-of-the-art facilities, all from the comfort of your own space.

Friday, JANUARY 19, 2024

Program Overview

So, You Want to Work in Marketing, Business Analytics or International Business?

We'll introduce you to the Hult Master's in International Marketing and the Master's in Marketing and Analytics programs. Whether you're a current student, an aspiring candidate, or just curious, this is your chance to explore these exciting programs designed for the global marketplace.

Program Overview

So You Want to Launch Your Career With the Hult MIB?

Prepare to thrive in a rapidly changing business world with a Master's in International Business. Hear from Hult Directors of Enrollment, and our Head of Career Development.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Prep Seminar - Europe

Masters Application Workshop

Have you ever wondered what a perfect application to one of our Masters Degrees looks like? Our Enrollment team is hosting a workshop for you just before our application deadline.
Receive further application support and insights on what documents are needed for a successful scholarship application.
Get a chance to ask your final questions before submitting your application.


Get ready to be inspired by our expert speakers and professors. Join these thought leaders and industry experts who'll share valuable insights and wisdom throughout the events week.

Barbara Godoy

Barbara Godoy

Campus Dean, San Francisco

Frederic Chartier

Campus Dean, Boston

Namrata Kamath

Campus Dean, Dubai


Ian Dougal

Dean of Academic Affairs
Campus Dean, London

Dr. Jennifer Serowick

Associate Dean for Online Graduate Programs

Alex Reeve

Alex Reeve

Hult's Professor

Paul Ahn

Hult's Professor

Dr. Beau Giannini

Hult's Professor

Nav Dutta

Head of Career Development & Corporate Relations

Tim LeBel

Timothy Lebel

Global Assistant Dean of Programs

Renzo Casapia

Renzo Casapia

Hult's Professor

Terence Tse

Hult's Professor

Patrick Lynch

Hult's Professor

Thomas Kurnicki

Thomas Kurnichi

Hult's Professor