The Hult Alumni Association works closely with our campuses and alumni chapters to organize global events.

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Global Events and Alumni Summit Update

After reviewing the valuable feedback in the Alumni Satisfaction Survey completed in December 2016, it is clear that you, our global alumni community, would like to see events and opportunities with a more expansive reach.

At the same time, we also heard that you would like more opportunities to return to a local Hult campus and that you find a once year trip to a distant city difficult to fit into very busy schedules compressed with high growth careers, commitments to family and very heavy travel schedules. All of these factors make it hard for most of you to get away for a several day Global event.

For this year we are readjusting our Alumni programming to:

  1. Support our chapters to run more high-value local events for their members. We believe that with a regional focus we will be able to better support our alumni to meet, build community and network, and benefit from regional and global career development opportunities.

  2. Meet the request for more “on campus” and “return to Hult” experiences. We will be shifting resources to our campuses to enable our local alumni and campus teams to work together on bringing alums back to campus. In addition to the traditional Lifelong Learning Opportunity electives available, this year will offer innovative new ways to continue your education with Hult. We are excited to announce that alumni will gain access to the online components and virtual lectures for selected hybrid elective courses. Also, seats will be made available for designated Ashridge Open Programs and a specialized Open Program in Boston. Information regarding registration for these new opportunities will be made at a later date.

  3. Deliver another successful Worldwide Alumni Day. Last year, over 800 alumni took part in our Worldwide Alumni Day initiative across the planet, making it a truly global event. We are confident that this number will grow in 2017.

We also want to note that with these new areas of focus, we are reassessing the timing and format for Global Alumni Summits so that a larger number of Alumni see benefit and will not be holding a Global Summit this year.

We look forward to coming together in celebration of Hult’s growing, diverse community on Worldwide Alumni Day 2017 - Please save the date: Thursday, September 21. If you are interested in organizing a Worldwide Alumni Day event in your city, fill out the following form.

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